A brief guide to bodybuilding with HGH supplements

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is used all over the world by athletes, actors and actresses, and basically anyone else who wishes to develop lean, chiseled muscles while cutting fat stores. It also has an effect on the elasticity of the skin and energy levels, but those are just added benefits to the bodybuilder who is looking to build muscle mass and defined features.

HGH is natural within the body and is used to regulate the body’s insulin levels, transport amino acids, synthesizing proteins and regulating the build up of fat stores. It also effects the libido and immune system—two areas that everyone is happy to see boosted.

Its positive effects on the body (especially when in conjunction with other enhancers) is why it’s a sought after hormone by bodybuilders all over the world. Sylvester Stallone flat out stated in interviews for The Expendables that he used HGH and rumor has it that Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible physique was also a result of using HGH.

Yes, Sylvester stated this in the interview, when asked on his usage of steroids:

“Human growth hormone is nothing. Anyone who calls it a steroid is grossly misinformed. Testosterone to me is ALSO important for a sense of well-being when you get older. Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases your quality of life.

Mark my words, in 10 years it will be available over the counter.”

People travel to places like Mexico or South America to purchase the synthetic version legally or find those few doctors willing to prescribe it because its effects on the body are rather profound.

There is an overwhelming consensus in the bodybuilding community that HGH is great for a chiseled, ripped and shredded look.

Doctors will prescribe this hormone to individuals who have certain difficulties that meet the test of when it can be administered, some purchase it on the black market, and others buy supplements that stimulate the body to produce its own.

Human growth hormone, or HGH, GH, rHGH, or somatotropin is made in the body’s pituitary glands and is made up of 191 amino acid chains for the purpose of aiding the body in maturity and cellular renewal, creating tissues, bones, muscles, etc.

As we age, HGH shifts to a role where it maintains our immune systems, muscle mass, skin elasticity, and overall metabolism. Increasing the HGH levels enables the body to maintain high levels of energy, boosted immunity, and increases fitness levels well past the time when the body is scheduled to slow down.

How the Body Produces and Uses HGH

There are multiple schedules and regimens that people use when cycling or using HGH. One approach used by many bodybuilders looking to get a ripped and shredded look involves cutting calories in such a way as to produce HGH.

We have discussed earlier why cutting calories and lowering insulin levels actually helps you to produce more HGH.

One method purported to work by some fitness enthusiasts involves a low calorie dinner, waiting 2 hours, hitting a short but hard workout with chest, arms, and squats and then going to sleep an hour after that.


Why this method actually works, is that this creates a lowered insulin supply which in turn triggers the body’s evolutionary survival mechanisms. When you have a low calorie dinner your insulin levels are kept low, the strenuous workout lowers them even more, and then when you go to sleep without having taken a protein supplement or eating anything else the body also starts to produce IGF-1 in the liver.

The body will protect the active muscles (those being worked out) and increases HGH and IGF-1, thus stimulating the muscle building by HGH naturally.

Regardless of the fact, that you go to sleep without a protein supplement or post workout meal, the body will ensure that your worked out muscles don’t go wasted. This also leads to cutting fat and gives you that chiseled lean look.

Obviously, you will need to fulfill your calorie and insulin needs from other meals during other parts of the day.


Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X are the supplements which assist the body in its natural production of the Growth hormone and may increase its levels in the body dramatically. The supplements should be taken at breakfast, lunch and evening if using the above strategy and will trigger the various mechanisms within the body that will trigger HGH production.

HGH was previously available only in injectable form. Today it is offered using HGH boosting sub-lingual sprays, as well as, HGH secretagogue pills. GH supplement users have reported higher than average levels of energy and increased strength, as well as, increased cardiac activity, lower BP and cholesterol levels.

Bodybuilding with HGH

HGH treatment has become very popular in the bodybuilder community due to its multiple benefits to both body, growth, and overall state of increased health. Statistics on use have it anywhere from 70-80% percent of the pro bodybuilding and bulking communities use HGH or supplements while weightlifting, weight training, and cross fitness regimens.

Because it does not show up on urine tests like anabolic steroids it is probably even more widely used, especially in the pro athlete circuits. Increased strength, mass, endurance, coupled with weight loss and better looking hair, skin, and nails can be pretty appealing to most people. It’s also why women take this supplement, as well.

The side effects are not extreme, contrary to the rumors and happen mostly out of poor knowledge and for many it seems a safer solution to steroids which oftentimes can cause emotional outbursts and have profound effects on the liver and other adrenals.

How HGH Increases Muscle Mass

There are two main theories on why HGH works:

Dual Effector Theory states that Growth Hormone directly impacts the body tissues when injected into the body. This was evidenced by researchers who had injected it into lab mice. The mice ended up larger than those who had more of insulin-like growth factor-1 and those of the control group.

Somatomedin Hypothesis is another theory that GH is only effective due to its assistance in releasing IGF-1 as it passes through the liver and other supporting periphery tissues. It is IGF-1 which then travels into the blood supply and works as an endocrine growth factor in target muscle tissues.

Moreover, some research has shown that when comparing GH versus IGF-1 supplements, that close to 50 times the amount of IGF-1 is necessary to achieve the same results as GH on the body.

Given that the two theories contradict each other to an extent, research has been conducted in both with some level of evidence supporting each. From the “field”, ie users of supplements, a combination of increasing/stimulating the two seems to have the greatest effect.

This makes sense for these reasons:

IGF-1 is required for GH to have an impact on bone and tissue formation, since it is IGF-1 which is what travels to your bones, muscles, and organs.

GH binds the IGFBP-3 and subunit proteins, thus maintaining IGF-1 levels and enabling the proteins to be broken down and carried to the appropriate tissues.

GH is necessary for IGF-1 to have an active effect on the autocrine and paracrine levels in cells (that reply on signalling from hormone levels).

Most of those who study this in the bodybuilding community have come to a consensus that IGF-1’s impact on muscle growth is due to its capacity for localization as the IGF-1 released by our livers is different than that which is produced by our muscle tissues.
So what does this mean for you?
It means that increasing GH in the body and increasing IGF-1 too will help to build muscle mass and stimulate cellular renewal.

That’s why HGH supplements that focus on both HGH and IGF-1 would be best in releasing HGH naturally and boosting muscle growth.

Natural Method or Injections?

This is another highly contentious area of discussion within the bodybuilding community, whether or not to use supplements which increase our body’s production of HGH or to use a synthetic injectable.

When the synthetics began to show up through a few select doctors who could prescribe them for their patients (and themselves) the supplement industry was quick to produce natural supplements.

However, these supplements don’t contain actual HGH, but purpose to increase the body’s natural production. Based on reception there have been some products on the market which have been able to increase HGH levels within the body exponentially.

Furthermore there have been studies that showed that by doses of 1200 mg each of L-lysine and L-Arginine will increase the levels of HGH in the body. Other products since that time have been tested with some promising results using other amino acid combinations and peptides that will also increase and enhance HGH production.

Now, will this work at the same level of a synthetic? Not so far. There are many reasons for this, but such is the way of shortcuts. You gain quick access to your desire and then pay for it in other ways, such as side effects which can be detrimental to your long-term health. Synthetic substances like injections always seem to work in the short term but don’t pan out over time.

Supplements are a safer alternative to injecting synthetic HGH into the body, and they are also easier to come by. You don’t need a doctor or to tap into the black market. Recommended supplements by bodybuilders are:

  • HyperGH 14X
  • Genf20 Plus
  • Growth Factor 9
  • Symbiotropin HGH
  • GH MAX

While these are some of the best reviewed it is by no means an extensive list of supplements.

However, based on ingredients list and user reviews, Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X lead the race.

How to avoid HGH supplements scams

Hello and Welcome!

This is John, a guy who has also searched and researched a lot on HGH supplements like you and after finding there is a lot of misinformation out there, decided to set up this website after doing some real thorough research.

This article is an open letter to all those searching for an effective hGH supplement, either for anti aging or bodybuilding and this website is an attempt to help people chose a good HGH product with ease.

In the process, some information on this site has gone too “technical”, but still I have tried to maintain a balance to keep the information simple in layman terms. But please read it all. Enough man hours have been spent on setting up this site so your life could be made easier. 🙂 Thorough research was needed because the supplement industry is full of scams and hype.

Here, you can read more research on the mechanisms(how they work) of HGH supplements, or read some facts on benefits and side effects of HGH.

Various scientific studies have definitely confirmed the facts on hGH that it truly is the Master hormone of the body and has the potential to single-handedly eliminate all the aging symptoms that come with aging.

It has immense implications in bodybuilding as well.

Exogenous subcutaneous injection of human recombinant growth hormone is costly and continues to be questionable. The good news is, research indicates that there are methods that may raise the endogenous manufacturing of growth hormone and thus supply a viable substitute for high-priced hGH injections.

However, the question is whether all those hGH supplements sold online for bodybuilding or anti aging purposes are even worth investing your money into?

Let’s start with some basic facts.

Questioning the ingredients in hGH products.

The very first method how these supplements companies get you is that they get “vague” on the information on their supplements. Here are few examples:-

a). They create a hype of the included ingredients in their product.


For example, any hGH product containing amino acids like L-arginine, L-glutamine etc. is definitely good for anti aging and enhancing hGH but it will NEVER have a dramatic effect.

Studies done on the usage of amino acids to increase hGH were done on intravenous “injections” that were several times the doses you receive in pills.

So, the supplement manufacturers create a HYPE around their hGH supplement that it contains such and such amount of amino acids proven to increase hGH.

However, they leave out the fact that amino acids were used via injections to increase hGH and that too in ridiculously huge doses. Such huge doses when taken in oral pill form will produce some nasty sides like nausea, upset stomach, dizziness etc.

So, these supplement manufacturers hit 2 stones with 1 bird by having lesser doses of amino acids in their product. They make their product safe to consume and raise their profit margins in the process.

However, the consumer does not really feel the HGH effect and if there is any effect, it’s mostly placebo effect.

There is one more problem with using amino acids for HGH enhancement that I talk about in amino acids pathway mechanism.

b). Another way they get you is by including some ingredients on which no established scientific evidence exists regarding its role in increasing hGH.

Some of such ingredients are Schizonepeta (or Japanese Catnip) or Pumpkin Seed etc.

Now these ingredients might be beneficial for general health well being, but when I buy an hGH supplement off the market, I make damn sure that every ingredient in it should have something to do with increasing hGH, that’s why a thorough research on hGH and all those mechanisms by which hGH can be increased naturally was required.

c). Product review websites:- Another way these companies promote their products is by creating product review websites wherein they place their own products at the top of the list.

At first glance it does look like they’re doing a fair comparison, but the reality is they are more interested in “self-serving recommendations”.

I am yet to find a hGH product review website that compares products based on its ingredients in a comprehensive manner.

Some products they place on the top of the top 5 list or so are cheap as well, so they sell. But do they do the job? I seriously doubt it.

d). Lastly, they sell their products by claiming their supplement is clinically proven to work.

But most consumers might not know the companies are actually promoting the fact that some of the “ingredients” in their supplement have undergone a clinical study and are proven to work.

This is a HUGE difference.

Because, if the product on the whole is working equal or less than a particular ingredient, then either they have lesser quantity of the ingredient OR they are including some fluff ingredients, just for the sake of making a supplement and selling it.


AND if the product itself has NOT undergone a clinical study under strict medical provisions, then it would be better if they say so and inform the consumers instead of making a statement that their supplement is clinically proven to work which ACTUALLY means some ingredients in it ARE CLINICALLY PROVEN to work, to increase human growth hormone in the body, like the “amino acids” that may be present in their supplement.

There are other possible ways these companies make profits by misleading the consumers.

Researching on what ingredients really work and what products in the market contain them in sufficient quantities, is an extremely time consuming process.

However, with efficient ingredients, proper diet modification, regulation of insulin levels, regulation of intake of carbs and protein, it is indeed possible to increase growth hormones naturally in the body for various anti aging and bodybuilding benefits.

A hormone restoration diet based on (low glycemic or low carbohydrate) will also enhance the efficiency of the hGH supplement that you’re taking.

Review of HGH Factor

It could be the merchandise is not for someone who’s an advanced athlete also I push myself really difficult, says a user.

Now your very best choice will function as Growth Factor Plus w/ Somatroppinne or Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth spray formula, plus follow with a few processes to boost the procedure up within 6 months approximately.

Amp those amounts of HGH up and you’ll get a concurrent upsurge in IGF-1 also.

Women and men trying to find innovative and new means of raising this muscle mass now are actually turning to nutritional supplements in growing amounts. No, all you require is Growth Factor Plus w/ Somatroppinne or Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth for 6 months approximately , as well as the processes I recommend to all, like the stretching exercises in the day-to-day basis, have more nutritional foods in your daily diet, get 8-10 hours nightly, favorable patient head to anticipate increase in height and overtime, by using either mix and following these processes, it is possible to be prepared to grow taller within the 6 months approximately. That is all !

One is HGH Factor alone as only this formula’s pills as well as another one which you mentioned, which will be the (Special Opening Height Development), that is the Growth Factor Plus jointly w/ Somatroppinne HGH pills, and they called it specific” because they both formulas work unbelievable collectively for more effectiveness on height growth, and at times they’ve reductions because of this special” bundle of supply.

Growth Factor Plus are the real pills to generate us grow taller, and Somatroppinne are the HGH pills to boost up the height procedure and possible to get better and quicker results, so hence, by using both of these or Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth spray formula , plus with following the processes I personally advocate, it’ll induce the body to naturally regrow in height again and thus, lead to growing in height.

Can It Be Worth Buying? Understand The Truth

By coercing the body to make natural HGH alone being an effective HGH releaser, HGH Factor operates. Yes, you are able to grow taller and by utilizing the Growth Factor Plus w/ Somatroppinne or Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth , it is possible to get to lift your height by those 2 total inches you would like, plus you shoulddo some processes in the day-to-day basis, exercise, healthful diet, sleep 8-10 hours nightly, have an optimistic patient head to anticipate those development of inches, and with using the nutritional supplements I mentioned previously within 6 months approximately.

As an effect of criticism expressed by the CAS Panel on the statistical procedure initially placed on the determination of the evaluation’s DLs, new statistical evaluations were performed on a heightened variety of hGH doping control data (samples from sportsmen handled under actual doping control conditions of sample collection, transport, storage and evaluation, including standardized analytic protocols and instrumentation) by two independent teams of statisticians.

It is a story composed by what is apparently a school coed” girl, talking about how she ordered Xanogen and HGH Factor for her boyfriend, as well as the results were nothing short of awesome. Seemingly, he got close to 3 inches in length from applying this mixture, and today she must almost defeat other girls away having a stick from sucking his newfound big pole. Growth factor-9 side effects include upset stomach if taken without eating a meal that is full, so ensure that you take it. The natural decrease in HGH secretion which comes with aging is quite actual, and that isn’t an indictment on the use of hormonal replacement strategies supervised by a doctor for mature adults. According to the teachings folks needed to take both pills once each morning and when prior to going to sleep.

As stated by the manufacturers of hgh factor, in addition they record improved sexual drive” as among the merchandise benefits. While these claims could possibly be challenged, there’s absolutely no credible evidence or studies which reason it doesn’t. Most businesses offering a complimentary bottle of pills are valid, since they understand when the product functions before you reach your desired size, you are going to desire to maintain paying for it. Effectiveness and the scientific validity of the hGH biomarkers strategy was documented in multiple scientific publications for more than a decade.

Regardless, take into account when an oral nutritional supplement were demonstrated to raise HGH levels in people, this may be considered a medical breakthrough that is tremendous, and could be made news across the planet. Some reviews online show the merchandise Xanogen was marketed with imitation reviews” and fake blogs”. HyperGH14x additionally includes a bunch of other products which operate in synergy to improve HGH along with Astragalus root extract. This web site reviews are being often checked out by me and I post those who find themselves taking the nutritional supplements this on the final day of the month Jan as encouragement. The reality is the fact that HGH supplements similar to this product are frequently over-promoted.

But, the creation of HGH starts decreasing with age and this really is what’s the principal factor behind every one of the aging processes in your body. Furthermore, the producers say that Somatropinne is extremely powerful when taken either in the type of oral sprays or pills, to reinforce the aftereffects of the nutritional supplement a lot more. Such studies had recently been done – one on mixture of arginine and lysine amino acids which raised HGH levels in the body. HGH Variable formula features exceptionally powerful herbal ingredients, which activate the release of growth hormone straight into your bloodstream.

As your generation of growth hormone falls ages anybody doesn’t regenerate itself rapidly as it used to when you had been younger. Powerful HGH boosters include ingredients that ensure it and stimulate the pituitary gland pumps help with muscle development and to turbocharge the healing process. And so, I’d personally take Growth Factor Plus pills w/ Somatropinne pills for at least 3-6 months at minimum to experience 2-4″ inches of height. L-Arginine which directly raises human growth hormone levels and speeds up tissue repair for post workout recovery that is better. HGH treatments also can have unwanted effects that are minimal, so appropriate research continues to be essential.

Growth Factor 9 claims to utilize a proprietary blend of amino acids that could support your pituitary gland to naturally boost your body’s own HGH amounts while the best approach to raising HGH in your body was formerly through injections at your doctor’s office. The ingredients within this product are broken up into 2 groups: HGH stimulator and HGH releaser. With HGH Factor, it is possible to turn the clock back and also make your thoughts more powerful and younger.

Growth Factor 9 claims to utilize a proprietary blend of amino acids that could support your pituitary gland to naturally boost your body’s own HGH amounts while the best approach to raising HGH in your body was formerly through injections at your doctor’s office.
So that you can return any products, consumers must phone the number supplied on the business website for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from a customer support representative.
What I do here, I hunt upward resources from merchandise’s sites, user’s reviews and all advice online, which I essentially write down genuine reviews according to my years of expertise from views, ideas, and knowledge.
Based on over 30 years of research, Growth Factor 9 is a dietary supplement that’s promised to foster natural HGH with a mean of 682 percent, also to unleash your absolute performance and anti-aging possibility.”

Moreover, Growth Factor 9 is promised to be a tested, maximum strength formula which will help reinforce bones and joints, reduce wrinkles as well as other signals of aging, increase libido, improve your mood, and much more. Yes, I support one to actually share your results by so or every month.

I do look forward to get the Growth Factor Plus even though to be honest, the Supergrowth spray formula did work for me personally. You do understand the reviews from quite a few people out there, is what actually backs up the merchandise for before-and-after results. Beside amino acids like L Tyrosine, L Arginine and L Valine, ingredients that are powerful in ThinMist contain growth and chromium factor complex composed of GABA, DHEA, elk antler velvet, etc.

HGH supplements for bodybuilding vs antiaging

The articles on this website relate to and apply equally to HGH supplements for bodybuilding or anti aging.

However, for bodybuilders, they might need something extra in their hGH supplement.

So, apart from the 7 MUST have ingredients, their supplement might also include DHEA, tribulus terrestris etc. which are complementary hormone secretagogues and have other benefits to bodybuilding like increasing testosterone as well.

I recommend HyperGH 14X as HGH bodybuilding supplement. Here is a review in which I compare HGH Factor with HyperGH 14X.

Will HGH supplements really work for you? Why don’t they work?

Why hGH supplements might not work for you?


After doing a comprehensive analysis of the mechanism and ingredients by which we can increase hGH levels, I also came across some crucial points I need to present before anyone interested in HGH supplements.

There are certain scenarios when the HGH supplements might not work that well for you in increasing HGH, or perhaps they might not work at all.

Here I am listing those possible circumstances:-

1). REASON 1 :- If you have LOTS and LOTS of (amount wise and proportion wise) abdominal fat

Cortisol & Belly Fat

Should you be afflicted by those fat stores gathered centrally around the organs of the abdominal region, HGH release will be much more diminished to begin with.

If you are identified as someone who’s carrying LOTS of weight around the belly region, then ingredients in HGH supplements will have a hard time in helping you increase your body’s HGH production.

That is because of a variety of reasons.

First off, the belly fat causes the pituitary gland to decrease hGH production. The belly fat is the hardest to get rid of because it was put there by your system as a “survival” mechanism. Call it “unconscious” mechanism. So, it would be difficult for most people to convince their body system that they don’t need belly fat for their survival.

Also, the belly fat is a sign of chronic stress or high cortisol, which I emphasize upon later in this article.

And moreover, Visceral adiposity (belly fat) is usually a warning sign of both insulin and leptin resistance and, because of this, can be quite challenging to shed completely for good.


If it is because of “insulin” resistance, there is a high chance that ingredients in HGH supplements that work via “insulin pathway” will NOT work effectively.

The greater your ratio of abdominal fat to muscle mass, the more insulin-resistant you probably are.

As you enhance your muscle mass, your insulin requirements will be reduced. Long-term, regular physically demanding and strenuous exercise also decreases insulin resistance.

In my knowledge, it takes approximately a couple weeks of everyday strenuous workouts to come up with a steady, increased level of insulin sensitivity via increased production of glucose transporters in muscle cells.

In addition, the workout must be strenuous and “anaerobic” – not aerobic. There are a couple of reasons behind this:

First, the blood sugar drop during and after continuous anaerobic exercise will be considerably higher than after a similar period of aerobic exercise. So, insulin will be decreased MORE and HGH will be released MORE.

Secondly, for a comprehensive efficient transport of glucose into muscle cells, as muscle strength and bulk develop, “glucose transporters” in these cells will greatly increase in number. Glucose transporters also become more numerous in tissues other than muscle, including the liver.

Glucose transporter (GLUT4) receptors are upregulated by intense exercise.

This increased response rate is synonymous with “insulin sensitivity”.

The advantages of anaerobic exercise extend not just to upgregulation of insulin receptors, but also to sustaining high levels of dopamine “reward” receptors.

A study of exercised rates by McRae et al at University of Texas indicated that physical exercise has a protective effect on D2 dopamine receptors, whilst keeping levels of dopamine (DA) and dopamine metabolite (DOPAC) low.

In other words, intense physical exercise is good for dopamine production in the body.

So, by strenuous anaerobic exercise, you will be hitting two birds with one stone, ie. maximizing the potential of “insulin pathway” and “dopaminergic pathway” of HGH supplements.

Leptin resistance

If your high abdominal FAT is because of “leptin” resistance, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to stick to the various dieting guidelines I have outlined, especially the “management of glucose levels” and “tolerating hunger”.

The good news is, studies have shown that decreasing HGH due to body fat gain is partly reversible with weight loss.

The most effective of those fat loss diets and programs work by actively modulating the levels of hormones insulin or leptin, by adjusting the type of food we eat (low glycemic or low carbohydrate are best), or by modifications of meal size and/or meal times.

Alternately, there are certain effective diet pills that work via multiple mechanisms (appetite suppression along with metabolism enhancement) that can be used to moderate the specific hormones and peptides associated with satiety.

And the last strategy might be learning how to learn and deal with always being somewhat hungry.

Remember “hunger is NOT an emergency”.


IF you have LOTS of abdominal fat, I recommend you to focus on weight loss first, before considering HGH supplements. Consider an effective diet you can stick with (low glycemic or low carbohydrate are best) and combine it with an effective weight loss pill.

The good news is latest work has led to the findings of successful, all-natural strategies to dealing with leptin resistance.

To learn more, see: “Deflating your spare tire for a longer, leaner life- Understanding the risks of leptin resistance” Life Extension, February 2009,58

2). REASON 2 :- If you have extremely HIGH or extremely LOW cortisol

Almost all of us have a high cortisol because of the hectic lifestyle or schedule. HGH supplements can increase HGH and thereby bring cortisol to normal levels.

However, some people have extremely HIGH levels of this “stress hormone”.

As explained earlier, chronic stress causes prolonged exposure to HIGH levels of cortisol, so much so that the entire human body becomes addicted to cortisol.

HGH supplements tend to decrease cortisol via various mechanisms and HGH decreases cortisol too.

If your body has extremely HIGH cortisol levels and is ‘too hooked’ on cortisol, chances are it will NOT like the changes HGH supplements are supposed to bring about, homeostasis will kick in, and the body will try to get back the levels of cortisol it desires and in the process begin decreasing HGH.

The endocrine system is far too complex for us to fully understand. As I said earlier, even the scientists who have researched on it for years don’t understand it fully.

My recommendation would be to first deal with and check what is causing your high cortisol. I still have to do much research on this subject, and you should too.

However, here are few things one needs to explore –

Get a medical checkup and talk to your endocrinologist as to why do you have such HIGH levels of CORTISOL.

– If HIGH cortisol is primarily caused by psychological reasons, Learn the idea of letting go. Taking too much control is an addiction and illusion.

– Latest research reveals that the human brain is flexible and neuroplastic in structure and “Mindfulness meditation” can alter the structure of the brain.

This “neuroplasticity” attribute has huge implication on our mental health both in a good and bad way; if you consistently harbour depressed, pessimistic, paranoid, worrisome and nervous thoughts sad to say you are going to develop and reinforce the parts of brain which allow these unhealthy thoughts.

When we practice mindfulness meditation however we grow the actual physical structures in the human brain associated with sense of being peaceful and eliminating unhappy, angry, anxious and stressful thinking.

What happens if you have too low cortisol?

Well, hGH supplements will further lower cortisol, and this may lead to side effects like fatigue, gastrointestinal problems etc.

The best way to deal with this is to start with lower dosage of HGH supplements.

If you are looking for recommended products, I recommend these two HGH products – Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X.

How to increase the efficiency of an HGH supplement?

Whenever we take a supplement, we buy it online , the product comes at our door, we pop it and expect miracles to happen on our own.

This is because of the false illusion that money can buy happiness.

Money can’t do anything good to your health unless God Almighty wants and God willing, He will help those who want to help themselves and take proper actions.

So, if you are seriously thinking to get an HGH supplement that can benefit in your anti aging or bodybuilding pursuits, I seriously recommend you to take the following steps:-

1). Understand why and how HGH supplements work by exploring the various mechanisms involved.

2). Try to follow the tips included in each of those sections, including but not limited to:-

i. Having a Deep sleep every night

ii. Increasing your protein intake and including legumes and fiber in your diet

iii. Increasing your dopamine levels by getting involved in healthy activities that give you pleasure and joy (Even a good park stroll will help)

iv. Including laughter and joy in your life which is connected to your dopamine levels and helps to reduce cortisol levels

v. Learning management of insulin and blood glucose levels throughout the day and especially before sleep

vi Avoiding garbage carb snacks and high-glycemic-load carbohydrates

vii. Decreasing and managing stress in your life and eliminating depression if any

3). The mechanisms of HGH release give you basic idea how HGH supplements are supposed to work. It’s your duty to ensure that they do. Try to read more tips on good authority websites on how to successfully make use of these mechanisms or pathways, even more.

4). Keep yourself updated with new scientific information and research being carried out

5). The HGH supplements heavily depend on influencing your body’s neurochemistry and synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain. One way to strengthen this process is to consume a B complex vitamin that should definitely have niacin (vitamin B3) and preferably also vitamin B6.

6). Involve in exercise, if possible HIIT or high intensity interval training is best

High intensity exercise combined with amino acids intake is a powerful combination. Powerful and substantial proof exists that a combination of arginine and ornithine increases the outcomes of strength training by helping to enhance lean body mass and strength. The analysis also established that oral doses as relatively small as 1 gram of ornithine and arginine were effective in enhancing strength and lean tissue mass.

7). Understand what factors might hinder your success with HGH supplements.

8). Emphasize on all safe methods for enhancing endogenous HGH production which include: losing excess body fat, particularly abdominal fat; avoiding high-glycemic load carbohydrates; optimizing sleep habits; eating a high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack before bedtime; and exercising regularly to your lactate threshold. Targeted nutrients including choline, arginine, ornithine, glycine, glutamine, and niacin (vitamin B3) can help support endogenous GH secretion, assist muscle growth and recovery from exercise, and promote healthy sleep.

7 must have ingredients in HGH supplements


Hello and Welcome. If you are visiting this site first time, you might be interested in reading all HGH reviews or this article on HGH supplements and how to avoid HGH scams.

If you are looking for recommended products, I recommend these two HGH products – Genf20 Plus (for anti-aging) and HyperGH 14X (for bodybuilding).

Below, I discuss what are the 7 MUST have ingredients in hgh products and the mechanisms by which they increase HGH production in the body.

HGH supplements feature a whole range of ingredients, some of which are more useful than others. The following ingredients each have an important role in stimulating HGH production and/or enhancing IGF-1 levels in the body naturally.

1: Amino acids (with a special focus on L-arginine, L-lysine, L-tyrosin and L-glutamine)

AS we know, hGH is a peptide hormone comprising of several amino acids. So, when we consume lots of amino acids, we are giving the body a signal to produce more of hGH. Amino acids like L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Valine all give this signal to the body.

The benefits of amino acids for the stimulation of muscle proteins is a concept that has been studied by many experts. E. Volpi published findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, back in 2003, about the effects of nutritional amino acid supplements used to treat muscle loss in older people. With increased physical activity, benefits are likely but it’s equally important to find a supplement that stimulates muscle anabolism faster than food intake.

E. Volpi concluded that essential amino acids were primarily responsible for muscle protein anabolism.


L-arginine is one of the, if not THE most, versatile of all the amino acids. Several human and animal studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of consuming large doses of this particular HGH supplement ingredient. Effects detailed in one of the latest studies about L-arginine and its benefits reveal the positive study results and experiences associated with L-arginine supplements. There have been studies on its benefits in HGH release.

Benefits including everything from anti-aging to improvements in patients with erectile dysfunction and wound-healing properties have been discovered and noted in this particular scientific review. Athletes are known to take L-arginine for these main reasons: enhanced secretion of HGH and its involvement in creatine and nitric oxide synthesis.

A study in 2007 proved that after eight weeks of oral L-arginine doses, male athletes on weight training programs had a significant increase in muscle mass and strength compared to those not taking the supplement.

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid and some evidence suggests that supplemental lysine may be able to help prevent herpes infections (cold sores and genital herpes). It is an essential amino acid that your body does not synthesize and the amino acid typically plays an important role in our immune systems. A study in 2001 suggests that L-lysine can reduce blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients and reduce negative symptoms.

Anti aging experts believe that L-Lysine’s immune benefits are a result of its HGH enhancing properties as HGH boosts immune system dramatically.

L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that has similar benefits to lysine – it can help to improve your immune system. Something that glutamine does which lysine doesn’t, however, is improve recovery ability during sleep!

Used mostly during times of stress, L-Glutamine is a key ingredient for maintaining muscle and promoting cell regrowth while increasing energy levels and alertness.

L-Glutamine also works via balancing insulin levels and controlling cortisol levels. Read more on benefits and mechanism of L-glutamine.

HGH is inversely related to both insulin and cortisol. So, when insulin and cortisol are low, HGH production will be higher. And vice versa.

Other amino acids like L-tyrosine and L-glycine also have important roles.

L-tyrosine also works via increasing dopamine levels and helping with deep sleep.

Tyrosine, is not an essential amino acid. Once consumed it is transformed into dopamine and norepinephrine.

The use of tyrosine supplements leads to alertness and mental arousal. Tyrosine works in a smooth, consistent, efficient way, to improve alertness and focus, along with mood, enhances dopamine in the body and thereby increases hGH.

Studies indicate that higher dopamine levels and deep sleep are both linked to higher HGH levels. Thereby making L-tyrosine a very important ingredient in hgh products.

2: Deer antler velvet


A natural source of collagen, IGF-1, chondroitin and glucosamine, “deer antler velvet” is a beneficial ingredient in HGH supplements. Naturally high in an insulin-like growth factor (also known as IGF-1), deer antler velvet contains this hormone which is naturally produced in our livers as a response to stimulation by growth hormones.

As we age, we do not produce as much HGH or IGF-1 so a natural source is crucial. Researches in New Zealand discovered that deer antler extracts increase individual cell growth as well as offering anti-viral and anti-tumor benefits that help to boost overall health.

IGF-1 levels are typically high in deer blood while the antlers are growing every spring and antlers can easily be harvested on a regular basis due to the rapid regrowth of antlers that deer experience.

An increase in ingredients that contain high levels of IGF-1 helps your body to regain a fitness level reminiscent of younger, fitter days.

Some experts believe IGF supplementation is even better than HGH supplementation.

Why is that? It is because HGH causes IGF levels to rise in the liver first, then in the muscle. While IGF-1 is more direct.

Getting the body’s energetic potential up, as well as using its ability to encourage the growth of satellite muscle cells and enabling them to mature into new muscle tissues “deer antler velvet” even supports the uptake and functions of many other ingredients in a HGH supplement.

There are a variety of lifestyle reasons that cause diminished GH and IGF-1 release. As an example, numerous reports say that central adiposity (the deposition of central body fat, around your belly region) causes huge GH decline.

Furthermore, it is well known that inadequate nutritional status, insufficient sleep, and not enough physical fitness can all bring about reduction in circulating GH and IGF-1, irrespective of age.

A good HGH supplement containing deer antler velvet can address these issues.

3: Phosphatidyl Choline

Phosphatidyl Choline is a purified lecithin extract that works as an excellent emulsifier. It may not sound as exciting as deer antler velvet but it is an “underdog” ingredient that is highly beneficial in enhancing HGH naturally by blocking “somatostatin” (the enzyme that limits HGH release) and facilitates better absorption of a variety of nutrients that could otherwise potentially go to waste.


With the added benefit of being able to break down fatty deposits, your immune system will also improve with Phosphatidyl Choline along with better memory and a reduction in depressive moods or other mental health problems.

4: Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA)

One of the most powerful amino acids alongside L-arginine is Gamma aminobutyric acid (also known as GABA). First discovered in Berlin, as far back as 1883, the amino acid is classed as a neurotransmitter. In layman’s terms, it helps nerve impulses to travel more effectively throughout your brain and body, resulting in a number of increased cognitive and nervous system functions.


GABA is a vital ingredient to HGH supplements not only because of this, but because it is proven to stimulate HGH production (and that’s the overall goal here, right?).

If you think maintaining a proper work-life balance is crucial, then you might be interested to know how it’s connected with hGH.

You see, humans were made to work during the day and take a deep, restful sleep at night. But, our lifestyle which is now full of chronic stress has caused a diminished balance of the “warming” (being active during day) and “cooling” (resting during night).

In their book Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life, neurologist, Dr. Jay Lombard and preventative medicine specialist Dr. Christian Renna have given enough scientific proof that our health, energy and happiness are considerably impacted by our very own human brain equilibrium of “warming” and “cooling” neurotransmitters.

So, while supplements like L-tyrosine and Phosphatidyl Choline help balance the “warming” aspect, GABA helps balance the “cooling off” aspect.

5: Alpha GPC

Another ingredient that helps to improve cognitive function is Alpha GPC, though this is by no means its single beneficial aspect. Free from side effects, this is a vital ingredient that yields nothing except positive results. It facilitates the release of more dopamine into your system which promotes feelings of wellness, motivation and generates an increase in libido.

Your brain performs a range of vital functions when it comes to fitness and health and it’s also the place where HGH and other useful hormones are created. It’s also been suggested in studies that HGH release is increased during workouts after the ingestion of Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC works via two mechanisms – Blocking somatostatin enzyme, just like Phosphatidyl Choline and by enhancing Dopamine levels..

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6: Chromium

Interestingly chromium supplements are also taken by a lot of dieters around the world for weight loss mainly because it helps regulate glucose levels and energy. Chromium functions by assisting the hormone insulin in its functions of controlling blood glucose levels.

This decreases the body’s need for “insulin” and lower insulin implies more HGH.

7: Colostrum

The last must-have ingredient in HGH supplements to make it into this list is colostrum. A wide variety of benefits are known and can be attributed to the colostrum in HGH supplements. Benefits include an acceleration in wound healing, increased muscle mass, anti-aging properties and increased bone mass – just some of the main reasons why people wish to get more HGH.

Colostrum is also naturally high in IGF-1. As mentioned earlier, IGF-1 and HGH are connected.

Other beneficial ingredients

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens, also known as cowhage or the cow-itch plant, is a bean-like plant and its extracts have been known to increase cognitive functions. Used to treat Parkinson’s disease, extracts contain l-dopa amino acid. Typically used to increase dopamine levels, cowhage is provided in conjunction with special chemicals to prevent loss before it reaches the brain. Higher dopamine levels are linked to HGH. [study]

Niacin (vitamin B3)

This vitamin is actively involved in synthesis of neurotransmitters on the brain, on which the HGH supplements heavily depend to trigger production of more HGH naturally from the pituitary.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is required for the “warming/cooling equilibrium” in the body.

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SUMMARY:- 7 must have ingredients in HGH supplements

Let’s FINALLY look at some of the ingredients that should be present in a hGH supplement and by what mechanisms they work.

1. Amino acids

With Amino acids special focus should be on L-arginine, L-lysine, L-tyrosine and L-glutamine)

Mechanism: Stimulation of pituitary gland

Amino acids like L-arginine and L-lysine have been proven to enhance human growth hormone naturally. Here is the link to the study.

L-tyrosine and L-glutamine work by more than one mechanism.

However, there is a catch with using amino acids. Learn about it in “amino acids pathway” mechanism to increase HGH.

2. Deer antler velvet

Mechanism: Stimulation of HGH-IGF-1 pathway

3. Phosphatidyl Choline

Mechanism: Enhancing Acetylcholine which suppresses somatostatin, the enzyme which limits human growth hormone, in the body.

4. Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Mechanism: Enhancing deep sleep cycles via “warming/cooling equilibrium” which are required for more amplified release of growth hormone from the pituitary.

5. Alpha GPC

Mechanism 1: Enhancing Acetylcholine which suppresses somatostatin, the enzyme which limits human growth hormone, in the body.

Mechanism 2: Enhancing the “dopamine”, the motivation hormone that is directly proportional to human growth hormone, in the body. Teenagers and young adults have high human growth hormone in the body and they are usually more “enthusiastic” and “motivated”.

6. Chromium

Mechanism: Insulin pathway

7. Colostrum

Mechanism: Stimulation of HGH-IGF-1 pathway


You can read detailed review of these ingredients by clicking here.


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