Always Young renewal hgh workout review


This HGH oral spray is formulated for adult men of all ages. It is very potent, yet safe, has no side effects and is FDA registered. Many women also use the product, and love it.

Designed to boost performance, strength, energy, muscle mass, tone, stamina and mental focus, this is the ultimate workout formula for anyone who is serious about bodybuilding, athletics or fitness.

If you are looking to increase peak performance while reducing recovery time, this is it. We created a powerful blend of HGH, IGF-1, Growth Factors, Testosterone, Amino Acids and 26 other ingredients to assist in the uptake of oxygen, production of ATP, enhancement of protein synthesis, and support for generating connective tissue.


Always Young renewal hgh workout ingredients include –

  • Pituitary gland
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor One (Somatomedin C)
  • Elk velvet antler
  • Testosterone
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Trans-Ferulic Acid
  • Trans-Ferulic Acid

Other Important Information

When taking the product consistently, as recommended, the average time to begin noticing results is two to three weeks. Some will start to experience benefits sooner, while for some it can be significantly longer. People have said they began experiencing more energy, better sleep, and even more strength, within the first few days. Conversely, others have said it took six to eight weeks before experiencing noticeable results.

There are many variables that affect this: such as overall health of the body, health of the endocrine system, age, stress levels, supportive quality of one%u2019s thoughts, and the body%u2019s current ability to produce and release growth hormone.

User Reviews

Review 1

I have been using the Renewal HGH Workout for Men for about 6 months. I was very skeptical at first but decided to try it out. I have a damaged rotator cup due to over use. I work in the construction industry, the constant hammering has worn out my rotator cup.

Review 2

I could not even do one push due to the pain in my rotator cup. My doctor diagnosed this condition as bursitis.

I currently am able to do 150 push-ups every other night, I also work out on a regular basis. I was not able to work out before using the Workout formula due to the pain in my rotator cup. I also have noticed that I need only 6 hours sleep per night. I use to need a solid 8. I am extremely impressed!

Review 3

I have been using Renewal HGH Workout for Men for 3 months and I am 53 years old. I was able by using it to get off the couch and go to the gym and shove weights around like crazy. My muscles are growing really fast and big and strong.

I love your Renewal Workout for Men.

Review 4

I honestly can’t say enough about what a fine product you have. It has given me back a life that I thought I had lost. I feel alive and my body and well-being is becoming that of a much younger me. Thanks so much for your HGH Renewal.

Review 5

Thanks to Renewal HGH Workout for Men I improved my physique enough from November 2001 to July 2002 to step up a whole weight class in the Nationals. In November 2001 I placed eighth in the lightweight class and just eight months later I came in eighth in the middle class, competing against some of the best bodybuilders in the country. I owe a lot of my gains of lean mass to the Men%u2019s Workout Formula.

Always Young – Renewal HGH review


Always Young Renewal HGH is designed to accelerate the innate capabilities of homeopathic HGH by blending a totally unique combination of nutraceuticals. HGH has been hailed as the ultimate in anti-aging, shown in studies to increase energy, strength, stamina, reduce fat, build lean muscle, improve memory, sleep and sexual function, heighten mood, re-hydrate skin, improve digestion, re-color hair, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and much, much more.

Always Young has made HGH sprays for sixteen years. The long-term benefits to our customers in many cases have been very close to that of the injectable form.

Renewal is an original homeopathic line of HGH (growth hormone) and IGF-1 (somatomedin C) products. They are produced in an FDA certified laboratory under the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Activated and energized according to homeopathic principles, Renewal products are uniquely designed to be fully dynamic and bio-active in the body.

Each product is hand succussed (potentized) to help guarantee maximum absorption by the body and to ensure the highest level of bio-activity.


Always Young – Renewal HGH Ingredients include –

  • Pituitary gland
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor One (Somatomedin C)
  • Elk velvet antler
  • Testosterone
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Trans-Ferulic Acid
  • Amino Acids

Renewal is made with the purest pharmaceutical quality HGH and IGF-1. These ingredients are derived from natural, non-animal elements and are exact replicas of the human growth hormone and somatomedin C that is produced by the human body.

Other Important Information

The results described by our customers are not unique. The myriad benefits of HGH sprays have been clearly demonstrated throughout the world. Their potential can be life-changing when you use them.

When taking the product consistently, as recommended, the average time to begin noticing results is two to three weeks. Some will start to experience benefits sooner, while for some it can be significantly longer. People have said they began experiencing more energy, better sleep, and even more strength, within the first few days. Conversely, others have said it took six to eight weeks before experiencing noticeable results.

There are many variables that affect this: such as overall health of the body, health of the endocrine system, age, stress levels, supportive quality of one%u2019s thoughts, and the body%u2019s current ability to produce and release growth hormone.

User Reviews

Review 1

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician practicing in Tennessee. I started on the Advanced HGH the end of June 2002. Since then my sleep has been better than I can ever remember. No more arthritis meds for knee and back pain.

Strength, endurance and clarity of thought has been amazing since I began the Always Young Advanced HGH. I do less snacking and seeking caffeine.

Review 2

The natural color has returned to my hair. I also have noticed some new hair has grown back and is more lustrous and young looking. Still have some gray hair in the beard but it is slowly disappearing.

I also could say that my yoga and exercise sessions bring me more flexibility and muscles than before. And of course, I have more energy to do them in the morning. Another result is that I sleep better. I always wake up full of energy and in a good mood, no more depressed mornings or sluggish days.

Thank you for the good product!!

Review 3

I have been using Renewal HGH Advanced for only 6 weeks and I am amazed at the results.

So far I%u2019ve seen my hair thicken with less gray growing in. My nails are somewhat stronger. I feel more alive and have an overall sense of well being. I respond to events at a deeper level. Have a heightened awareness & greater appreciation of whatever I experience. I smile more and find a new spring in my step.

I%u2019m sixty-nine years old and my complexion has a glow I haven%u2019t seen in years.

Renewal HGH is incredible. I love this product and can%u2019t imagine anyone not benefiting from its use.

Review 4

Dear Always Young, your products have brought me to life again. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome about 15 years ago. The fatigue was so bad at times I struggled to hold my head up. I suppose the best way to describe it would be a weakness in the core of my being. Since being on the Power for Women I am able to go through my day with energy…much more energy … no more afternoon slumps and my muscles are beginning to tone up…which I love! Also I was losing a lot of hair, that has stopped and I now have new hair growth.

My husband is also taking the Advanced Renewal. He has an extremely bad nail which has very deep ridges. After one month on the HGH the nail is growing in perfect no ridges….I Praise God for HGH!

Thank you for your products!

AI Sports Nutrition HGH Pro review

HGHPro Is a comprehensive product capable of boosting and supporting natural human growth hormone levels.

[amazon box=”B00VAMY7OC”]

According to the company:-

Our natural product has been going strong since 2009. Many user have reported fat loss, increased muscle size, better performance and Energy. AI Sports Nutrition’s HGHPro is an all-natural growth hormone support product that actually does what it claims to do.

HGHPro is not the old let down GH product that promised to stimulate your pituitary. HGHPro focuses on elevating natural HGH levels in the body using the highest extracts of ingredients available.

We didn’t cut corners, and we spared no expense. HGHPro features 600 mg of Alpha GPC, which in and of itself is a potent human growth hormone booster, and overall awesome general health supplement. We didn’t stop there. We added another ingredient, GABA, also proven to increase human growth hormone.

Velvet Bean Extract has tremendous effects ranging from human growth hormone production, testosterone increases, prolactin and somatostatin decreases. A formula that maximizes growth hormone and testosterone, especially once you bring Shilajit into the mix!

Who can benefit from HGHPro%u2122?

Anyone 18 years or older looking to maximize natural growth hormone levels as well as their testosterone levels!

When should I take it and how much?

Take 4 capsules per day, 30-45 minutes before bed on an empty stomach.


AI Sports Nutrition HGH Pro ingredients include –

– vitamin C 220mg

– vita B6 100mg

– zinc 30mg

– alpha GPC 600mg

– GABA 600mg

– green tea extract 300mg

– velvet bean seed extract 280mg

– shilajit extract 220mg

– gelatin (capsule shell)

– microcrystalline

– cellulose

– magnesium stearate

– silica

– FD&C blue #1

– FD&C red #3

120 Caps is 30 day supply. See package for instructions

User Reviews

Review 1

I no longer Trust or have any confidence in this product.
My latest order came directly from the manufacture. I bought it because they lowered their price from $54 to $38
You get what you pay for.
1. It came in a crumpled Repurposed box even though I ordered it directly from AI Sports nutrition.
2. The box Reeked of cheap perfume.
3 Even though the last bottle I bought from AI Sports nutrition was over 6 months ago the bottles I just got have a WORSE Exeration date than the ones I received 6 month ago.
4. The expiration date is in a completely different spot (actually on the plastic of the bottle Not in the Lable like it always has been)
5. The Lable is different than it has been since I started buying the product years ago ( the new bottle has silver accents instead of the white it always has had.
6. I have sent 5 Emails with my order number and a request to contact me with no Response.
7. I have left 2 phone calls a day for a week my order number and a request to contact me with no Response.
FIRST I WILL BE CONTACTING MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND DISPUTING THE CHARGE. I want to send this garbage back but no one will answer. (This would mean thier 100% money back warranty is Bogus)
SECOND I WILL BE REPORTING THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. (Turns out I am not the only one who has done this)

Absolutely Spectacular product. It is Not for everyone though. There are many ingredients and one the main ingredients is Gaba. Gaba increases Human Growth Hormone Production by helping you get and stay in a deep sleep.

I say it is not for everyone because just like Niacin, Some people may feel a mild tingling when they take it, negating the opportunity for deep sleep.

I am not one of those people and I definitely recommend this product.

Review 2

This is a great product. I almost broke my right ankle and I tried this for recovery and it helped my get to 100%

Review 3

Seem to help me in recover not waking up in morning sore.

Another controversial HGH product in the making

While human growth hormone injections are only approved for certain individuals with specific medical conditions, HGH supplements are 100% legal and can be obtained without a prescription. Those of you who are suffering due to the lack of human growth hormones should not hesitate to seek help with some good products that really work.

However, one must realize that the HGH marketplace is also full of controversial products that might have a certain hype around them.

One such product is Newulife HGH gel. Also read the various user reviews and comments.

Remember that as you grow older, your body becomes less efficient in producing human growth hormones naturally. This immediately makes homeopathic products much cheaper by comparison. But, A 1C dilution is a 1:100 dilution.

New U Life Somaderm Transdermal Gel is safe to use by anyone over the age of 18. I was comforted to learn that this HGH gel has been around for 13 years in California with extensive study and use and underwent 7 years of clinical trials to ensure the safety of the product.

Overall, this product can either be a hit or miss.

Now the company’s higher ups are telling distributors that they won’t be able to ship products to new people for about 50 days.

Prolonged excessive levels of HGH can cause growth disorders such as acromegaly, producing a Neanderthal-like appearance in the head; it can also cause a rare form of Type 2 diabetes.

No doubt these medicines are still in controversy; some find pills best for fulfilling the demand of HGH in the body, while some find HGH injection for getting faster results.

I found a supplement company here locally in Golden Colorado that has pretty damn good reviews.

HGH releasers are also what the body needs to reduce visible signs of aging. There is no way that I can tell you that which products for you and which ones do not. One should have the same sleep hours every day of the week.

Using Homeopathic Methods To Naturally Increase HGH

With the popularity of HGH supplements today, one of the biggest questions people ask is: how safe are these human growth hormones of HGH supplements?

These results demonstrate unique topical benefits of nanograms and lower concentrations of HrhGH in an eye gel compared to injectable rhGH. HrhGH fulfills the Law pf Similars by decreasing oily skin which is a key characteristic of acromegaly, a disease of excess hGH. These findings, like others in homeopathy, suggest that a different mechanism of action may be operating than the conventional theory of receptor-ligand binding pharmacology. It is hypothesized that HrhGH at nanomolar concentrations may work via its unique biochemical electromagnetic properties on stratum corneum elastic fibers as well as at the level of the DNA. Like retinoic acid, HrhGH may work at the ultra-structural level to improve linearity of elastin fibers.

Ageless Foundation UltraMAX Gold review

Ageless Max UltraMax Gold Effervescent Powder was designed to enhance the body’ s natural production of hormones that may improve physical performance and well-being, and supports a broad range of health benefits.

Benefits of using Ageless Foundation UltraMAX Gold 

Feel Younger. Look Younger. Live Younger.

Advanced Rejuvenation Formula*with Alphatrophin® Plus Somatostatin Inhibiting Complex

May Improve Body Fat Levels & Lean Body Mass*

May Improve Energy Levels*

Supports Healthy Immune Function*


Ageless Foundation UltraMAX Gold ingredients include

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Packet (17.4 g)

Servings per Container: 22

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 50
Total Carbohydratewell having initially taken it (one capsule) daily
after the first to second week I noticed my nails growing… fingers and toes.
and the hair (over the years) seems to have stopped its thinning…
been taking it since 2006 or so… w/ no apparent ill effects…
I am now 65 years of age (and take a tab say once/twice a week).the capsules seem better than the powder…
after a few years of warm weather storage the powder got hard within the packets
probably from the orange sugar component (like hard caramelized dark sugar).
(and the packets cost considerably more).

tis worth the try of say the 20 capsule size (then judge).

6 g 2%
   Sugars 4 g *
Vitamin A (as Beta-Carotene) 1000 IU 20%
Niacin 25 mg 125%
Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate) 80 mg 8%
Sodium 50 mg 2%
Potassium 200 mg 6%
Alphatrophin® 7777 mg
   GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)
   L-Lysine (as L-Lysine HCI)
   OKG (Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
Somatostatin Inhibiting Complex 220 mg
   Alpha GPC (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine)
   Acetyl L-Carnitine (HCI)
    Broad Bean Seed (Vicia faba)
Stevia Leaf Extract 150 mg

*Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Cane sugar (saccharum offinarum), citric acid, maltodextrin, potassium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural orange flavor, potassium bicarbonate, silica

Contains: Soy.

Other Important Information

Do not exceed recommended servings. Do not take if pregnant or nursing. If you have any medical condition or are taking any medication, consult a health care professional prior to use.

User Reviews

Review 1

I was introduced by a friend who introduced me to buy from GNC. However the price was crazy high so I decided to search from Vitacost.The price was relevant with discounts given n reasonable shipping cost. I bought 5 boxes and gave 1 box to my mom who is 86 years old now to try. She felt more energetic after consuming it and her complexion also dun look not so sack as before. I am still ordering this Ultramax HGH so I cud complete a full course of 6 months to view the result. I’ve taken just 1 box and I felt regenerated. My skin looked more radiant and I dun need to put on any makeups to cover my pigmentation as after taking, my pigmentation lightens.

Review 2

I first tried this ten years ago and was surprised at the results. It was expensive. Vitacost has saved my budget! I am TOTALLY impressed with this product. Especially ten years later! I forgot how good I could feel, I can sleep like a baby and my stress level is so improved! I don’t know what’s in this stuff but I won’t be without it from now on! Thank You Vitacost!

Review 3

This product makes a great night cap. Its pleasant to drink. In the evening wind down with a glass of Ageless Foundation Ultramax Gold and wake up in the morning looking rejuvenated!

I would recommend to both male and females who are stressed throughout the day, to those who wish to look younger and to those who would like to maintain their youth.

The pricing is reasonable and affordable at Vitacost with efficient delivery.

Review 4

This anti aging drink tastes great (it is an effervescent powder mixed in water…not a tablet)and delivers on its promises. Personally I experience higher energy, vitality, better sleep and improved skin hair and nails. Most of the benefits take at least 30 days to show but it is worth the wait.

Review 5

I’m into my 3rd box and I can tell you this product really works. It helped be lose body fat and develop more muscle. Also gave me a more vibrant look and tons of energy!. Don’t waste your time trying other products, this is the real deal and at a great price.

Review 6

You know when this stuff is working when a friend comments that your last facial made a big difference. “You look so youthful! Your skin is so bright and vibrant!” So what was so different? I’ve had facials for the last 7 months and no one made a comment. It was using Ageless Foundation UltraMAX Gold that made the difference. I have only used this about month now but will definitely be using it for the next 3 or 4 months to make a real noticeable difference.

Somatropinne hgh review

Somatropinne is an advanced blend of HGH, L-group amino acids, and  Growth Factors formulated to help you look, feel, and perform your best.  The company claims that with Somatropinne, you too can discover what thousands of men and women  worldwide have already experienced, the amazing effects of HGH!  Somatropinne provides the advantages of doctor-prescribed human growth  hormone injections in an active pill without the need of needles, or prescription or injectable human growth hormone.

Somatropinne pills are supposed to work by using two mechanisms to increase the body’s  production of HGH. First, Somatropinne provides the building blocks of  the 191 amino acid human growth hormone, predominately L-group amino  acids such as L-valine and L-arginine. Once these HGH components have  been introduced into the body, your body simply uses them to produce  more growth hormone.

Secondly, Somatropinne contains secretagogues.  Secretagogues contain minute amounts of human growth hormone substance.

Absorbing small amounts of a synthetic hormone can cause the pituitary  gland to secrete more of its own natural human growth hormone into the  bloodstream. Secretagogues can contain actual human growth hormone and still be available without a prescription, but only if they do so in  very small amounts.

The company’s website behind Somatropinne claims that it is one of the only HGH supplements available today that combines both releaser amino acids, and true  secretagogue human growth hormone (within FDA regulations) into one  supplement.

Somatropinne is available without a prescription, and it can be taken in  the form of pills, instead of shots. It is also much more affordable  than HGH injections.


Somatropinne HGH ingredients include –

  • maca root
  • mucuna pruriens
  • horny goat weed
  • 2-amino-5-(diaminomethylidene amino) pentanoic acid
  • hawthorn berry

This formula is claimed to build  lean muscle mass, improve workout performance, help you cut fat and even  assist with anti-aging.

Other important information

As mentioned in our other articles on HGH supplements, if there is a specific facet of a mucle builder supplement or HGH/testosterone enhancer that is very troublesome or concerning (high cost, discouraging customer comments, side effects) the likelihood of serious positive results for the long term are not promising.

Therefore if Somatropinne HGH does lead to a lot of negative user reviews, it can’t be rated very high on our index.

So, should you shell out your money on a bottle of Somatropinne HGH? Well, we do appreciate that this product is made from natural herbs. It’s also good to see that a satisfaction guarantee is posted on the company website.

However, it’s not backed by any solid clinical studies like other high-rated HGH products, and it also doesn’t have all the ingredients that influence HGH production by all the 7 mechanisms.

A fat price tag doesn’t help either. Other high rated products are less expensive.

If you really want to improve muscle strength, boost vitality, elevate growth hormone or testosterone levels and enhance overall physical performance, we advise you to go with a product that has undergone a clinical study or at least contains several clinically tested ingredients that work by by all the 7 mechanisms, does not cost you a fortune and is supported by many encouraging user reviews.

User reviews

We are a bit concerned about the cost of Somatropinne  HGH. “According to the official website, the supplement sells for  $139.99 per bottle,” said our Research Editor. “This is quite steep when  you consider the fact that a bottle only lasts for one month.”

One customer commented, “I like that it’s all-natural, but what is with the price? Gees, who can afford this stuff?”

But, a different user said this, “Seems to be helping some. I feel like it has contributed to my muscle gains.”

“”I have bought about 8 bottles of these I found them to be ok first   time around at normal doseages (2 per day), but much more effective   taking double doseage, not worth the money to be honest, I have heard   excellent results from people using Havoc.””

“”This company  sells  Human Growth Hormone. I noticed it did not work for me and  realized or  now believe they tamper with the product. I believe they  dilute the  product. I also noticed the vials do not come with the  manufacturers  seal.””

Review 1

This is a great product, works very good and i feel great. Been using  this product on and off for 2 years now. A bit on the costly side  because i live in South Africa, but overall worth the money and results.  Only negative experience i had with this product, i had problems 3  times now with S.A customs, The parcel was confiscated.

Review 2

This product is really the best out of the hgh supplements out there.  I’ve tried IGF and Secretatropin, but this gave me the most energy and I  just felt refreshed.

They have a product specifically for height  called GFP. I called them and they said that if I take the GFP with the  Somatropinne, it will help the height increase better.

Review 3

Love it – best product!

I took this pill for 3 months on, 1  month off It works great and I feel great. I’m not sure if this is the  proper way to take but it’s what i do.

This product is one of the best thing that  I’ve ever had. This is the main supplement for body-builders like me. I  cannot believe that when I looked at the mirror and I want to say thanks  because this is the only site which got it as a tablet because I hate  injection.

I’ve used a lot of products before and I always come back to this.

You  don’t have to inject anything so I feel safer taking this. I’ve been  sleeping better. My body has shaved 10 pound of fat and turned into lean  muscle. I’ve never looked so good.

Review 4

This product is a  miracle drug. I’m 31 and finally able to tone out my body. I’ve always  carried 5-10 extra pounds of flab and this took it out and toned me up. I  wish I found it years ago!

This really is a great product  I get them shipped to me monthly, have been for years. It’s better than  anything you can get at the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC!

I’ve been sleeping better one this for sure!!! I work out 3-4 times a week, age 32, have lost 5 pounds since and feel great.

New u Life HGH gel reviews : Is Somaderm the best homeopathic hgh gel product?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is naturally synthesized by the pituitary gland. The role of growth hormone is to promote cell reproduction, which results in the development of muscles and bones among others. Tightly entangled with the rest of the endocrine system, growth hormone or Somatotropin also has an impact on an individual’s health.

New U Life’s Homeopathic SOMADERM Gel seems to be a hot HGH product as of now, and is the ONLY transdermal, FDA registered human growth hormone (HGH) product available without a prescription.

But, does it really live up to the hype?

Just because it’s registered with the FDA does not mean it’s effective as well, because being approved by the FDA doesn’t include studies on efficiency but only a proof that the product does not harm.

Well, the product is relatively new and so user reviews are scarce, however the immense benefits of HGH associated and claimed have made it quite popular.

Now, HGH definitely has a lot of benefits, but does NewULife HGH gel really provide all those benefits? provided a comprehensive article on 7 MUST have ingredients in an HGH supplement for it to be really effective.

Most HGH supplements aren’t effective, because our bodies are designed to resist “change”. And the minimal effects of most mediocre supplements (based on 1 or 2 ingredients) just doesn’t cut it. The best hgh supplements are multi-ingredient with at least 5 or more active ingredients, that work via different mechanisms.

Unfortunately, none of those ingredients is present in this trans-dermal gel.


Glandula Suprarenalis Suis 6X, Thyroidinum (Bovine) 8X, HGH 30X.


And that brings us to the actual HGH that is present with 30X dilution.

What does HGH 30X mean?

It’s probably a good placebo if you buy into it… that’s about all.

Let’s explain.

The letter “X” indicates a 1 to 10 dilution. As per above example the human growth hormone ingredient was succussed and diluted 30 times using a 1 to 10 dilution.

They start at 1X (1 part in 10) and range up to 30X (1 part in 10^30).

1X is usually the starting point for serial dilution. You start with a 1:10 dilution (1X), then dilute that 1:10 again (2X), and again (3X) and so on.

So, each additional X becomes 10 times more dilute than the previous.

At 3X, you’re looking at a one part per 10^3 dilution, ie. 1 in 1000.

At 6X , this is roughly the amount of fluoride in drinking water. So, still at potentially active levels.

At 8X, arsenic would be diluted to the point where it’s reasonably safe for drinking water (10 parts per billion).

24X is about the point where a beaker of the stuff has about a 50/50 chance of having even one molecule of active ingredient….

30X, you can’t know if it even contains HGH.

60X is 8 orders of magnitude above 52X so you would need 100 million universes to dilute something to this concentration!

In the end, you might be buying an over-expensive cream that might or might not have HGH in it.

Insufficient growth hormone is responsible for stunting and can cause dwarfism, the decline of this hormone also has other effects such as on the musculature, bone growth, psychic balance, glycemic levels… The administration of HGH could correct all these disorders, but this Gel certainly does not propose enough of it, and the transdermal way in general offers a weak control of the doses administrated.

Normal dosages of HGH are between 3 and 5ug / l in adults, with a range of 2ug between the upper and lower limits. This reinforces the hypothesis that the transdermal route is not particularly suitable for administering a hormone as important in the endocrine balance of the body.

The problem, according to the International Journal of Pharmacotherapy, is that when it comes to homeopathic solutions, “the largest dilution possible that still contains at least one molecule of the original substance is 12C.” This could present a logistical problem based on the 30X dilution of Somatropin in Somaderm Gel.

And “even among smaller dilutions that do contain some molecules of the original substance, there almost certainly aren’t enough to have a meaningful effect on the human body.”

There are many other homeopathic formulations aimed at boosting HGH level, including popular options on marketplaces such as Amazon and Google Shopping, like High-Tech Somatomax ($45), Liddell Homeopathic Vital High Immune ($32), HPTP Pituitary Drops ($21), Vital II Hormone Free Spray ($28), and Clinical Strength Secretagogue Gold – Orange ($45), to name just a few.

As advertised on the New U Life website, though, Somaderm Gel was the only topical/transdermal offering available. Does this mean it’s worth the meaningfully higher price, though?

Regardless of the formula or the sales price, the fact of the matter is there’s little-to-no double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical evidence that homeopathy works. In fact, the FTC is considering requiring that all homeopathic products sold in the US come with a disclaimer on their packaging that they don’t work.

But, lets assume that homeopathy does work, and for some reasons, science hasn’t been able to explain how homeopathy works.

There’s still a problem. Read below.

Another problem with homeopathic HGH ?

Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like” cures “like”.

According to homeopathic understanding, that which a substance is capable of causing, it is also capable of curing. The name homeopathy, coined by its originator Samuel Hahnemann, is derived from the Greek words for ‘similar suffering’ referring to the ‘like cures like‘ principle of healing.

So, if HGH in a homeopathic gel is supposed to be a “cure”, then you are assuming HGH is what’s also “causing” the “problem” in the first place.

According to the principles of homeopathy, a “homeopathic hgh” will be a remedy for “too much” HGH in your system and will work to decrease the hgh levels, rather than increasing it- the way vaccines work.

Clearly these gel companies do not know what they’re doing!

Basically, in short, the external HGH will downgrade your own system of producing whatever HGH it’s producing currently, according to homeopathy.

Because HGH is the cause of the problem and the cure simultaneously.

Which, we know is NOT true. HGH is NOT the cause of the problem. Declining HGH levels are the cause of the problem. That’s why we need a HGH supplement in the first place.

This betrayal by companies is what is giving homeopathy a bad name, and consumers need to be aware that using the name of “homeopathy” might just be a marketing tactic when it comes to HGH and HGH supplements.

Yes, there are lots of scams happening!

PS: We are NOT saying Homeopathy is a SCAM. Regardless of whether homeopathy is effective or not, we say that some companies could exploit the popularity of homeopathy in marketing their fraudulent products. This is perhaps the reason why no renowned homeopathic expert supports any homeopathic HGH on the market.


We believe there are better anti-aging and HGH products in the market and NewuLife HGH gel has a lot to improve upon.

We recommend Genf20 Plus over this Somaderm gel.

Note:- By using natural supplements, you can gain the hgh benefits without the side effects. If you are looking for anti-aging, more endurance and energy etc. we recommend Genf20 Plus. For bodybuilders and athletes, we recommend HyperGH 14x.

Read this article to find out why we recommend these two supplements.

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Estroven review : Does this black cohosh supplement ease menopause symptoms and hot flashes in women?

Are you a woman looking for some advice on treating your menopause symptoms and confused about which supplement to take?

Then perhaps you need to read this article. Although I am a man and technically not qualified enough to give women advice on this important issue, but I know my stuff and I’ve done huge research on how the human endocrine system works and how we can optimize our hormonal systems and improve our health.

When it comes to alleviating the menopausal times and symptoms, most products in the market seem to go for quick fix solutions, offering cheap products to the women.

However, in my opinion, it might not be the best way to restore your hormonal balance and get rid of those nasty aging symptoms. What they’re offering is more like a pill to treat fever. They’re not “curing” the root causes of fever.

Since, the pains and hot flashes can be really uncomfortable , most women are desperately looking for a solution and anything seems to sell now-a-days.

There are people running their herbal supplements business from garages and basements, then there are MLM products for womens’ health.

One of such products is Estroven, a supplement containing Black cohosh and Soy Isoflavones.

Estroven Review: How Safe and Effective is This Product?

Estroven is a menopause relief supplement, supposed to address various symptoms associated with this natural time in life.

Although some of the women face menopause without any difficulty, most of the women meet with some difficulties including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and severe fatigue.

Some of the menopause relief solutions in the market provide single formula as a treatment for these general symptoms, however a lot of the products available out there either make use of filler ingredients or ingredients on which science is not very well established.

Estroven does provide various types of formulas that can target and treat specific issues. Like the company offers different formulas for Maximum Strength menopause relief, Energy, weight Management, Mood and Memory and Nighttime. This product range is displayed in their official Estroven website.

Their website also comes with some instructions and helpful tips to deal with menopause which include lifestyle changes and some important tips which can be helpful in searching for relief during the hard times.

The formula is backed with a dedicated information page by which consumers are inspired to join the company’s “Estroven Community”.

Where can you buy it?

Customers can buy this product online or else they can buy it from branded conventional shops. The price actually depends on the formula. However the product is generally priced between the ranges of $20-25 per one month supply, which is fairly affordable. They offer discount coupons too through their website.

Ingredients Contained in this Product

Soy Isoflavones, Black Cohosh, Magnolia Bark, Melatonin, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Theanine, Synetrim CQ, B-Vitamin

Issues with the Estroven product

The biggest issue with the Estroven product is it does not seem to be an effective formulation to restore the endocrine balance that gets disturbed with aging.

And that is where the HGH or Human growth hormone comes in.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the most comprehensive anti aging hormone that has the potential to control the levels of other hormones in the body – testosterone in men and estrogen in women.


It is well-known that numerous women including well-known Hollywood stars are making use of HGH(human growth hormone) in their anti aging treatments.

Studies show that estrogen is absolutely linked to human growth hormone (HGH)  and HGH can make a big impact on declining estrogen levels.

However, you do not necessarily go the injections therapy route. You can increase and optimize your HGH levels naturally.

Women taking natural HGH releasers like Genf20 Plus have reported gains just like traditional hormone replacement therapy and BHRT , like improved libido, hot flashes alleviation, wrinkles and fine lines decrease, younger looking skin, weight reduction, more energy, increased resistance and general better quality of life.

That is not insignificant and completely harmonious using the reality that estrogen and HGH can operate together in restoring the hormonal equilibrium that so many women desire.

About Estroven

Estroven formulas are specially made with ingredients which can bring relief for menopausal women. The various formulas from the company are slightly different from each other depending on the goal of the formula. However, some key ingredients are available in all the products.

Black Cohosh has the ability to reduce the night sweats and hot flashes. Phytonutrients and Soy Isoflavones can reduce the Estrogen diminishing effect. Although Soy has its bad points too.

Magnolia Bark helps to overcome the irritability and anxiety. Melatonin can regulate your sleep pattern and vitamin B helps the nervous system. It also increases the energy.

The problem with Melatonin though is that it’s a hormone and when used over extended period of time can actually mess up with your inner endocrine chemistry. It should only be taken at night. The worst that can happen is that your body might stop its own natural production of melatonin altogether.

The combination of Ginko Biloba and L-Theanine acts together to increase the blood circulation. Apart from that this particular combination can improve the memory, focus and the concentration.

Synetrim CQ is an ingredient of the Estroven Weight Management formula and it controls your appetite and has the ability in regulating your metabolism.

Estroven is a safe product to use and does not come with side effects associated with hormone replacement therapies.

However, it still misses on some more effective ingredients to alleviate menopausal concerns, and is a weak HGH booster.


About Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a herb native to North America and has been used as a treatment for cognitive and inflammatory conditions. But, it became popular because of its the ability to treat vasomotor symptoms of menopause.

Several supplement manufacturers and womens magazines rate this as one of the most popular best seller womens’ supplement in the western world.

However, the studies done on this seem to offer varying results. Most of the evidence favors the efficiency of Black Cohosh for treatment of vasomotor symptoms.

However it is quite possible that most of the studies were not done properly as most clinical studies now a days are sponsored and truth is efficiency of most of the herbs can never be known fully unless they undergo some big clinical studies under strict medical provisions.

With that said, black cohosh seems to have a good fan following and there are various anecdotal reports and reviews from women taking it as supplement in products like estroven, remifemin and so on.

The effectiveness of Cohosh can be rated “Average”, or “Moderately Good” in treating hot flashes and other symptoms.

However,  Cohosh seem to be safe in human body. Some occasions stomach upsets are reported. But more importantly Black Cohosh does not perform any harm to the liver.

Beware of any supplement that contains only “black cohosh” and makes huge claims that propose a large variety of benefits, there can be only so many remarkable benefits associated with black cohosh.

Why you should always use a multi-ingredient supplement for menopause?

No one herbal ingredient (even black cohosh or soy isoflavones ) can be powerful enough to optimize and restore your hormonal system by itself.

This happens because of the homeostasis system of the body, which tries to resist the changes you are trying to make.

Lets understand this phenomenon with an example. Suppose you take soy isoflavones which contains natural estrogen, to increase your estrogen levels (the primary female hormone and counterpart of testosterone in men).

The human body is intelligent enough to understand what levels of estrogen should actually be present in the body and if your endocrine system “thinks” that the estrogen levels are getting out of hand, then it will begin the processes that down the estrogen.

Our endocrine/hormonal system is too complex to be understood in the context of just a single hormone like estrogen.

The role of estrogen itself is quite complex to understand.

So, the best of the menopause products will always have several ingredients that can balance all the hormones in totality.

Excess natural estrogen in supplements and soy can be bad too, yes some menopause supplements do more harm than good.

That’s why you also need estrogen balancing ingredients like Indole-3-carbinol too , besides estrogen enhancing ones in your supplement.

Ingredients that you should look for?

Besides black cohosh, there are some other powerful hormone restoration ingredients that you can take. Below is a small list with links to the scientific studies.



Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a phytoestrogen, which means it can help counteract the effects of low estrogen levels and can mimic the effect that estrogen has on a living organism

Red Raspberry



Recommended menopause supplement

I recommend Provestra, as the menopause supplement you should take. Although it’s aimed more towards reigniting the declining libido and sexual desire in women that comes naturally with menopause and aging, it has all the powerful ingredients that can restore your estrogenic and overall hormonal balance.

So, besides Black cohosh, it contains Ginseng, Red raspberry, Ginkgo biloba, Indole-3-carbinol , L-arginine (an important amino acid that can enhance growth hormone).

It is a much better product than Estroven and targets the endocrine dynamics vis multiple pathways.

However,  Provestra is only a moderate HGH booster as HGH supplements require some other very powerful anti aging herbs and compounds.

If you are looking to enhance growth hormone, the best “youth hormone”, the master hormone that actually governs the levels of other hormones in your body, I seriously suggest that you take a look at Genf20 Plus too.


I recommend Provestra and Genf20 Plus as best menopause relief and anti aging supplements.

Good about Estroven

  • The Estroven ingredients are explained in detail
  • The product is affordable
  • It is available in several formulas
  • Discount coupons are offered
  • There are customer testimonials

Bad about Estroven

  • Results from scientific testing is not shown, while other products like Genf20 Plus have undergone independent clinical studies
  • No money back guarantee is offered
  • Does not target the growth hormone enhancement
  • Has only the estrogen enhancing ingredients and not estrogen balancing ingredients like indole-3-carbinol
  • Long term use of melatonin in estroven is not recommended
  • Misses out on other powerful ingredients for menopause relief and hormonal restoration like Ginseng, Red raspberry,  etc.


and quality of ingredients are the deciding facts of this product.

A brief guide to bodybuilding with HGH supplements

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is used all over the world by athletes, actors and actresses, and basically anyone else who wishes to develop lean, chiseled muscles while cutting fat stores. It also has an effect on the elasticity of the skin and energy levels, but those are just added benefits to the bodybuilder who is looking to build muscle mass and defined features.

HGH is natural within the body and is used to regulate the body’s insulin levels, transport amino acids, synthesizing proteins and regulating the build up of fat stores. It also effects the libido and immune system—two areas that everyone is happy to see boosted.

Its positive effects on the body (especially when in conjunction with other enhancers) is why it’s a sought after hormone by bodybuilders all over the world. Sylvester Stallone flat out stated in interviews for The Expendables that he used HGH and rumor has it that Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible physique was also a result of using HGH.

Yes, Sylvester stated this in the interview, when asked on his usage of steroids:

“Human growth hormone is nothing. Anyone who calls it a steroid is grossly misinformed. Testosterone to me is ALSO important for a sense of well-being when you get older. Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases your quality of life.

Mark my words, in 10 years it will be available over the counter.”

People travel to places like Mexico or South America to purchase the synthetic version legally or find those few doctors willing to prescribe it because its effects on the body are rather profound.

There is an overwhelming consensus in the bodybuilding community that HGH is great for a chiseled, ripped and shredded look.

Doctors will prescribe this hormone to individuals who have certain difficulties that meet the test of when it can be administered, some purchase it on the black market, and others buy supplements that stimulate the body to produce its own.

Human growth hormone, or HGH, GH, rHGH, or somatotropin is made in the body’s pituitary glands and is made up of 191 amino acid chains for the purpose of aiding the body in maturity and cellular renewal, creating tissues, bones, muscles, etc.

As we age, HGH shifts to a role where it maintains our immune systems, muscle mass, skin elasticity, and overall metabolism. Increasing the HGH levels enables the body to maintain high levels of energy, boosted immunity, and increases fitness levels well past the time when the body is scheduled to slow down.

How the Body Produces and Uses HGH

There are multiple schedules and regimens that people use when cycling or using HGH. One approach used by many bodybuilders looking to get a ripped and shredded look involves cutting calories in such a way as to produce HGH.

We have discussed earlier why cutting calories and lowering insulin levels actually helps you to produce more HGH.

One method purported to work by some fitness enthusiasts involves a low calorie dinner, waiting 2 hours, hitting a short but hard workout with chest, arms, and squats and then going to sleep an hour after that.


Why this method actually works, is that this creates a lowered insulin supply which in turn triggers the body’s evolutionary survival mechanisms. When you have a low calorie dinner your insulin levels are kept low, the strenuous workout lowers them even more, and then when you go to sleep without having taken a protein supplement or eating anything else the body also starts to produce IGF-1 in the liver.

The body will protect the active muscles (those being worked out) and increases HGH and IGF-1, thus stimulating the muscle building by HGH naturally.

Regardless of the fact, that you go to sleep without a protein supplement or post workout meal, the body will ensure that your worked out muscles don’t go wasted. This also leads to cutting fat and gives you that chiseled lean look.

Obviously, you will need to fulfill your calorie and insulin needs from other meals during other parts of the day.


Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X are the supplements which assist the body in its natural production of the Growth hormone and may increase its levels in the body dramatically. The supplements should be taken at breakfast, lunch and evening if using the above strategy and will trigger the various mechanisms within the body that will trigger HGH production.

HGH was previously available only in injectable form. Today it is offered using HGH boosting sub-lingual sprays, as well as, HGH secretagogue pills. GH supplement users have reported higher than average levels of energy and increased strength, as well as, increased cardiac activity, lower BP and cholesterol levels.

Bodybuilding with HGH

HGH treatment has become very popular in the bodybuilder community due to its multiple benefits to both body, growth, and overall state of increased health. Statistics on use have it anywhere from 70-80% percent of the pro bodybuilding and bulking communities use HGH or supplements while weightlifting, weight training, and cross fitness regimens.

Because it does not show up on urine tests like anabolic steroids it is probably even more widely used, especially in the pro athlete circuits. Increased strength, mass, endurance, coupled with weight loss and better looking hair, skin, and nails can be pretty appealing to most people. It’s also why women take this supplement, as well.

The side effects are not extreme, contrary to the rumors and happen mostly out of poor knowledge and for many it seems a safer solution to steroids which oftentimes can cause emotional outbursts and have profound effects on the liver and other adrenals.

How HGH Increases Muscle Mass

There are two main theories on why HGH works:

Dual Effector Theory states that Growth Hormone directly impacts the body tissues when injected into the body. This was evidenced by researchers who had injected it into lab mice. The mice ended up larger than those who had more of insulin-like growth factor-1 and those of the control group.

Somatomedin Hypothesis is another theory that GH is only effective due to its assistance in releasing IGF-1 as it passes through the liver and other supporting periphery tissues. It is IGF-1 which then travels into the blood supply and works as an endocrine growth factor in target muscle tissues.

Moreover, some research has shown that when comparing GH versus IGF-1 supplements, that close to 50 times the amount of IGF-1 is necessary to achieve the same results as GH on the body.

Given that the two theories contradict each other to an extent, research has been conducted in both with some level of evidence supporting each. From the “field”, ie users of supplements, a combination of increasing/stimulating the two seems to have the greatest effect.

This makes sense for these reasons:

IGF-1 is required for GH to have an impact on bone and tissue formation, since it is IGF-1 which is what travels to your bones, muscles, and organs.

GH binds the IGFBP-3 and subunit proteins, thus maintaining IGF-1 levels and enabling the proteins to be broken down and carried to the appropriate tissues.

GH is necessary for IGF-1 to have an active effect on the autocrine and paracrine levels in cells (that reply on signalling from hormone levels).

Most of those who study this in the bodybuilding community have come to a consensus that IGF-1’s impact on muscle growth is due to its capacity for localization as the IGF-1 released by our livers is different than that which is produced by our muscle tissues.
So what does this mean for you?
It means that increasing GH in the body and increasing IGF-1 too will help to build muscle mass and stimulate cellular renewal.

That’s why HGH supplements that focus on both HGH and IGF-1 would be best in releasing HGH naturally and boosting muscle growth.

Natural Method or Injections?

This is another highly contentious area of discussion within the bodybuilding community, whether or not to use supplements which increase our body’s production of HGH or to use a synthetic injectable.

When the synthetics began to show up through a few select doctors who could prescribe them for their patients (and themselves) the supplement industry was quick to produce natural supplements.

However, these supplements don’t contain actual HGH, but purpose to increase the body’s natural production. Based on reception there have been some products on the market which have been able to increase HGH levels within the body exponentially.

Furthermore there have been studies that showed that by doses of 1200 mg each of L-lysine and L-Arginine will increase the levels of HGH in the body. Other products since that time have been tested with some promising results using other amino acid combinations and peptides that will also increase and enhance HGH production.

Now, will this work at the same level of a synthetic? Not so far. There are many reasons for this, but such is the way of shortcuts. You gain quick access to your desire and then pay for it in other ways, such as side effects which can be detrimental to your long-term health. Synthetic substances like injections always seem to work in the short term but don’t pan out over time.

Supplements are a safer alternative to injecting synthetic HGH into the body, and they are also easier to come by. You don’t need a doctor or to tap into the black market. Recommended supplements by bodybuilders are:

  • HyperGH 14X
  • Genf20 Plus
  • Growth Factor 9
  • Symbiotropin HGH
  • GH MAX

While these are some of the best reviewed it is by no means an extensive list of supplements.

However, based on ingredients list and user reviews, Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X lead the race.