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RANKProduct NameProduct TypeOverall RatingFull ReviewReview
1Genf20 PlusPills
Read reviewThe only HGH supplement that enhances growth hormone production via 7 mechanisms. Contains Deer antler velvet and anti-somatostatin compounds. Based on our research and analysis, we believe that GenF20 Plus has the potential to increase your HGH levels. However, as the studies we read included subjects ranging in age and weight, you have to keep in mind that your results may vary from what the supplement claims on its site and what the research shows. Having said that, if you are in the market for an HGH based anti-aging supplement, we recommend this as the no. 1 supplement in this category because of its high quality ingredients, clinical study done on it, and endorsement from medical community.
2HyperGH 14XPillsFEATURES 15 POTENT HGH PRECURSORS, WITH 4,040 MG TOTAL PER DAY! In our opinion, HyperGH 14x has the highest quality of HGH boosting potential to increase your HGH levels. This is not a here today, gone tomorrow company out to make a fast buck. They’re the real deal, however you have to keep in mind that your results may vary from what the supplement claims on its site and what the research shows. Having said that, if you are in the market for an HGH based bodybuilding supplement or any legal steroid, we recommend this as the no. 1 supplement in this category for bodybuilding because of its high quality ingredients, clinical study done on it, and endorsement from bodybuilding community.
3MHP Secretagogue-Gold HGHPillsRead reviewPowerful supplement that contains all the different kinds of ingredients for enhancing HGH comprehensively. Don’t be concerned by lesser number of reviews on e-commerce websites. This one is the real deal.
4Source Naturals HGH SurgePillsOne of the rare supplements to contain “Huperzine A” that is a potent anti-somatostatin compound. Overall, a very balance mix of amino acids and other ingredients to enhance HGH levels naturally.
5Olympian Labs Dynamic HGHPillsLike Genf20 Plus, it also contains deer antler velvet and dopamine enhancing compounds like Mucuna Pruriens, along with regular amino acids. Good positive reviews on ecommerce sites like and, although the product is relatively new to the market.
6High Energy Labs HGH CompletePillsRead reviewOne of the most comprehensive ingredient profile, although the product doesn’t contain Deer antler velvet. Hgh Complete™ with 7-Keto® & Aminotropin™ is one of the best Hgh and Ifg-1 products available. Like HyperGH 14x, it also acts as a mild Testosterone booster along with HGH enhancer. A scientifically developed precursor and releaser formula that is designed to increase your body’s own growth levels naturally, increase energy levels, increase libido, help reverse the effects of aging and increase performance as well as maximize recovery and restoration.
7Ageless Foundation UltraMAX GOLDPillsRead reviewSufficient quantities of amino acids + GABA, along with anti-somatostatin compound Alpha GPC and Acetyl-L-Carnitine makes it among the top 10 HGH supplements in the market. The product may improve physical performance and well-being, and supports a broad range of health benefits.
8Natures Plus Ultra GHT MalePillsOnce again, a good hgh bodybuilding supplement with solid ingredients profile that also acts as natural testosterone booster. But, it lags behind HyperGH 14x as a HGH booster, as it doesn’t contain anti-somatostatin compounds like cholinergic supplements and then some.
9Performix Super male T + HGHPillsRead reviewAnother HGH cum Testosterone booster, ideal for those into bodybuilding. The product has a diverse ingredient profile, although misses out on some like deer antler velvet. Moreover, the product is more expansive than other products in the same league (almost double priced) and the ingredients seem somewhat underdosed.
10Natures Plus GH MalePillsAnother product from Nature’s Plus that focuses primarily on HGH. It has some antioxidants too like resveratrol, and overall seems an excellent anti-aging supplement. We’d have liked it more if it contained GABA.
11Nutraceutics Pro HGH SymbiotropinPillsThe product has a good mix of amino acids, dopamine enhancers and one anti-somatostatin compound Alpha GPC, making it through to the top 10 HGH supplements in the market.
12HGF MAXPillsLike Genf20Plus, this product too contains all sets of ingredients require to enhance HGH via several pathways/mechanisms, although the ingredients seem underdosed for the price. That’s why it ranks lower.
13MHP Secretagogue-One HGHPowderAnother good product by MHP that contains sufficient quantities of amino acids and growth factors compounds, although missing on other kinds of HGH boosting ingredients.
14Pure Solutions Pure Factors Extreme Pro IGF 350DropsPro IGF 350 contains various different growth factors(variants of IGF-1) and claims to be specifically designed for those looking for the competitive edge against the competition. The growth factors in Pro IGF 350 provide performance enhancement benefits to any type of level of athlete. The product has good reviews but we little skeptical because it is basically based on single-line of ingredients ie. growth factors. A good product must have diverse ingredients to influence HGH production via multiple mechanisms.

All growth factors found in Pro IGF 350 are 100% naturally derived. There are no illegal or synthetic compounds found in this performance enhancer.
15Pure Solutions Pure IGFDropsPure IGF™ is basically a single-ingredient supplement ie. deer antler velvet extract that claims to combat aging at the cellular level. Growth Factors in Pure IGF are derived from the naturally balanced proteins found in Velvet Antler Extract. It misses out on all other kinds of ingredients required to work in synergy with the growth factors.
16Nature’s Youth HGH (RSF Amino Acid Booster)PowderRead reviewThe product only has amino acids including GABA that helps with deep sleep and cooling/warming mechanism to enhance HGH levels. Overall, a mediocre HGH supplement.
17Serovtital-HGH Liquid concentrateDropsLiquid version of the original popular Serovital-hgh that is fat absorbing.
18Serovital-HGHPillsOne of the most popular HGH anti-aging supplements the study on which was showcased on Dr. OZ show, although he didn’t recommend it by name. Serovital is based on a PATENTED AMINO RENEWAL COMPLEX – SeroVital is backed by 4 clinical trials and protected by 15 U.S. and international patents, but what we see is just another amino acids hgh supplement.
19HGH Pill 30,000 Nanos by HGH.comPillsRead reviewGood variety of ingredients, but amino acids seem under-dosed. Their HGF MAX seems a better product.
20HGH Activator by Dee Cee LaboratoriesPillsRead reviewA good HGH product based on amino acids and a choline supplement. Amino acids are dosed sufficiently.
21Optim Metabolic hgh 8xPillsRead reviewGood dosing of amino acids & GABA, but lacks other crucial ingredients like choline supplements or dopamine enhancers etc.
22Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals SomatomaxPillsRead reviewGood dosing of amino acids, GABA, & Mucuna pruriens extract, but doesn’t contain anti-somatostatin compounds like choline supplements.
23Basic Research Growth Factor-9 Complex Hormone AntecedentPillsThe bodybuilding/sports performance HGH supplement based on Serovital ingredients. Same product, different marketing. Overall, not a great hgh booster for muscles.
24Thrive hGHPillsThrive-hGH has the same patented formula that is found in Serovital or Growth Factor 9. The retail price seems to be little on the higher side as compared to the other 2 products unless you sign up for an autoship program.
25Maximum International Max HGHPillsA potent HGH precursor with lots of amino acids and growth factors containing compounds and also has GABA. But, other kinds of ingredients are missing.
26Youngevity HGH youth complexPillsRead reviewBasically an amino-acids HGH supplement, but the ingredients seem under-dosed.
27Vitamass HGHPillsA very simple combination of amino acids and GABA. Unfortunately, ingredients are under-dosed for the price.
28Vigor Labs RAW HGHPillsRead reviewA simple combination of dopamine enhancers, antioxidants and GABA, with no amino acids in the picture.
29AI SPORTS NUTRITION HGH proPillsA combination of Alpha GPC and GABA and with antioxidants. It works as a great sleep aid, but lacks in other important ingredients, although it also contains Shilajit extract, which is good for sexual health.
30Growth Factor Plus by HGH.comPillsAnother supplement from that is targeted towards younger people looking for height increase via enhancing HGH. Ingredients seem underdosed for anti-aging purpose but might be good enough for it’s target market.
31HGH Complex by VitabasePillsA simple combination of underdosed amino acids and growth factors containing colostrum.
32Somatropinne HgHPillsJust one amino acids, one dopamine enhancer and other potent sexual enhancement ingredients like Maca and Horny goat weed. It might be good as a sexual enhancer, not much as HGH enhancer.
33Soma HGH 30000 nano spraySprayRead reviewProbably the most popular HGH spray out there that has all the crucial ingredients required for HGH release. Soma Spray combines the six most potent Growth Factors, and 8 proven amino acid releasers all into one oral spray! Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy regarding the functioning of “hgh sprays” and “homeopathic HGH”, for example the dilution process. Due to these factors, we have to rank it much lower than what its popularity demands.
34Crazy Bulk HGH X-2PillsVery underdosed ingredients- and besides it contains just one amino acid and one dopamine enhancer.
35Always Young Renewal HGH Workout For MenSprayIt contains real homeopathic HGH, IGF-1, Testosterone, growth factors along with amino acids and NADH. So, ideally this HGH spray should be ranking much higher on our list, but it’s NOT – the ingredients are highly diluted because of the way homeopathic products are designed and there is lot of controversy over functioning of homeopathic HGH.
36DaVinci Labs Cocoa HGHPowderRead reviewAmino acids supplement with cocoa flavor but way overpriced.
37GHR1000PillsA simple amino acids supplement with GABA and colostrum, that is way overpriced and the ingredients are underdosed too.
38LA Nutrition Pro GHRPillsAnother simple amino acids supplement WITHOUT GABA but WITH colostrum, and the ingredients are underdosed.
39Beverly International GH FactorPillsAnother amino acids supplement with only two amino acids but in good enough quantities.
40Elemental Nutrition HGHPowderRead reviewThis so called HGH supplement has only two amino acids – L Arginine and L-Lysine and is way overpriced. The dosing of amino acids is good though, so it seems to be more of a protein supplement.
41Goliath Labs Humoloid HGH SpraySprayThis hgh spray contains Humoloid Liquid proprietary blend of 100,000 ng that have almost all ingredients required for HGH boosting via multiple mechanisms and some for Testosterone boosting. But, since this is a homeopathic hgh spray with relatively lesser number of user reviews, we can’t recommend it much higher.
42Always Young Renewal Hgh SpraySprayReal homeopathic HGH based spray with growth factors from Pituitaria Glandula & Colostrum.
43TimeFIGHTERS® HGH Anti-Aging Drink MixPowderAn underdosed amino acids supplement with GABA that is marketed as an anti-aging supplement.
44HGH Vitality from Deseret Biologicals (Desbio)DropsRead reviewA real homeopathic HGH drops supplement that also contains real homeopathic Testosterone, estradiol, L Dopa, melatonin and growth factors from several sources. The ingredients look good on paper but all have been diluted to the extreme because of the way homeopathic hgh supplements have to be.
45Life-flo Healthcare IGF-1 plusSprayThis liposome sublinual vital spray formula from Life-Flo Health Care combines the power of potent herbs, IGF-1, IGF-2 and essential amino acids, but the ingredients are highly diluted and the working of homeopathic sprays is questionable.
46Problen HGH Plus IGF1 & IGF2SprayThis spray contains real homeopathic HGH along with Alpha GPC and several growth factors.
47Hgh Dopa 400 by Americas FinestPillsA single ingredient based HGH supplement containing L-Dopa that enhances dopamine supporting healthy mood and mental alertness as well as stimulating secretion of Human Growth Hormone. Unfortunately, a good HGH supplement requires more sophistication.
48Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Antler VelvetPillsAnother single ingredient based HGH supplement containing Deer Antler Velvet that has several growth factors stimulating secretion of Human Growth Hormone. Unfortunately, a good HGH supplement requires more sophistication.
49Liddell HGH spray, Vital Age DefianceSprayRead reviewAnother HGH spray with real homeopathic hgh and pituitaria glandula growth factor.
50DaVinci Laboratories Maxi-HGHPowderRead reviewA simple amino acids based HGH supplement that claims to combine the proper quantities and ratios of L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine and Glycine. Unfortunately, it seems to be more as a protein supplement, and also the price is far more expensive than other HGH products in the same league, not to mention it misses out on some crucial ingredients.
51NewuLife Somaderm HGH GelGelNewULife HGH transdermal gel is a homeopathic product promoted through an MLM scheme and an overwhelming number of positive reviews floating around on the internet and video sharing websites like Youtube, are in fact, posted by the sellers/multi-level marketers of NewuLife. Under-dosed ingredients, and unjustified expansive price, NOT to mention no renowned homeopathic expert supports any homeopathic HGH on the market. (Some experts even claim there is nothing “homeopathic” about them!)
52ISOTROPIN® TONE Oral Spray (Isotropin® HGH PRO 6X)SprayAnother spray product with real Somatotrophin (HGH), amino acids and growth factors. There are not many user reviews out there.
53Herbal Nutrition Muscle Force ExtremeSprayThis non-homeopathic HGH spray claims to be more Bio-available than pills/capsules and has 400mg Proprietary Growth Formula, Containing L-Arginine, Bulgarian Tribulus & Niacin. Dosing is good as compared to other similar products but way less than supplements in pills/capsules form, although the user reviews seem good.
54Pride Nutrition G-Max Strength & Endurance FormulaDropsA non-homeopathic liquid HGH drops supplement but with very underdosed quantity of amino acids and Tribulus extract. (At 30 MG only!)
55Vitamass Homeopathic HGH PatchPatchA homeopathic HGH 9990 ng patch that has Transdermal Homeopathic Somatotrophin (HGH) at 3C/30C dilution. NOT very impressive compared to other HGH sprays.
56Life Choice HGH+ HomeopathicDropsAnother homeopathic supplement that contains growth factors BUT not real HGH. The product is from a company called Life Choice founded by a naturopathic doctor Eldon Dahl.
57Athletic Edge HGH + Igf-1 by AnuMed InternationalDropsA liquid HGH drops supplement called Athletic Edge eHGH Booster Liquid Drops that contains a proprietary blend. This is a homeopathic product from a company Anumed in which Dr. Rene Ryba MD. has played an important role as Director of R&D. After years of deep studies of the options offered by the alternative approach Dr. Rene found his passion in the scientific arm of Naturopathic Medicine which he views as a great “synergistic bridge”, a missing link in the contemporary medical care.
58Maximum Result H7 ComplexSprayH7 Complex is an homeopathic HGH spray and its natural formula does not contain any prescription HGH or Human Growth Hormone. H7 Complex has natural herbal ingredients and claims to help those seeking anti-aging benefits, increased muscle tone & fat loss, better sleep & memory function, and increased energy & sex drive. We think there are better HGH sprays with more comprehensive ingredients.
59Swanson Rejuv HGH Vitality Renewal FormulaDropsRead reviewThis liquid HGH drops supplement contains amino acids, GABA along with Alpha GPC and Mucuna pruriens (natural L-Dopa). This product is NOT homeopathic yet the ingredients are extremely low dosed. (in micrograms). So, this is a neither here or there supplement as it’s NOT based on homeopathy and the quantities of ingredients are a fraction of what other amino acids based HGH supplements are offering.


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