A brief guide to bodybuilding with HGH supplements

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is used all over the world by athletes, actors and actresses, and basically anyone else who wishes to develop lean, chiseled muscles while cutting fat stores. It also has an effect on the elasticity of the skin and energy levels, but those are just added benefits to the bodybuilder who is looking to build muscle mass and defined features.

HGH is natural within the body and is used to regulate the body’s insulin levels, transport amino acids, synthesizing proteins and regulating the build up of fat stores. It also effects the libido and immune system—two areas that everyone is happy to see boosted.

Its positive effects on the body (especially when in conjunction with other enhancers) is why it’s a sought after hormone by bodybuilders all over the world. Sylvester Stallone flat out stated in interviews for The Expendables that he used HGH and rumor has it that Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible physique was also a result of using HGH.

Yes, Sylvester stated this in the interview, when asked on his usage of steroids:

“Human growth hormone is nothing. Anyone who calls it a steroid is grossly misinformed. Testosterone to me is ALSO important for a sense of well-being when you get older. Everyone over 40 years old would be wise to investigate it because it increases your quality of life.

Mark my words, in 10 years it will be available over the counter.”

People travel to places like Mexico or South America to purchase the synthetic version legally or find those few doctors willing to prescribe it because its effects on the body are rather profound.

There is an overwhelming consensus in the bodybuilding community that HGH is great for a chiseled, ripped and shredded look.

Doctors will prescribe this hormone to individuals who have certain difficulties that meet the test of when it can be administered, some purchase it on the black market, and others buy supplements that stimulate the body to produce its own.

Human growth hormone, or HGH, GH, rHGH, or somatotropin is made in the body’s pituitary glands and is made up of 191 amino acid chains for the purpose of aiding the body in maturity and cellular renewal, creating tissues, bones, muscles, etc.

As we age, HGH shifts to a role where it maintains our immune systems, muscle mass, skin elasticity, and overall metabolism. Increasing the HGH levels enables the body to maintain high levels of energy, boosted immunity, and increases fitness levels well past the time when the body is scheduled to slow down.

How the Body Produces and Uses HGH

There are multiple schedules and regimens that people use when cycling or using HGH. One approach used by many bodybuilders looking to get a ripped and shredded look involves cutting calories in such a way as to produce HGH.

We have discussed earlier why cutting calories and lowering insulin levels actually helps you to produce more HGH.

One method purported to work by some fitness enthusiasts involves a low calorie dinner, waiting 2 hours, hitting a short but hard workout with chest, arms, and squats and then going to sleep an hour after that.


Why this method actually works, is that this creates a lowered insulin supply which in turn triggers the body’s evolutionary survival mechanisms. When you have a low calorie dinner your insulin levels are kept low, the strenuous workout lowers them even more, and then when you go to sleep without having taken a protein supplement or eating anything else the body also starts to produce IGF-1 in the liver.

The body will protect the active muscles (those being worked out) and increases HGH and IGF-1, thus stimulating the muscle building by HGH naturally.

Regardless of the fact, that you go to sleep without a protein supplement or post workout meal, the body will ensure that your worked out muscles don’t go wasted. This also leads to cutting fat and gives you that chiseled lean look.

Obviously, you will need to fulfill your calorie and insulin needs from other meals during other parts of the day.


Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X are the supplements which assist the body in its natural production of the Growth hormone and may increase its levels in the body dramatically. The supplements should be taken at breakfast, lunch and evening if using the above strategy and will trigger the various mechanisms within the body that will trigger HGH production.

HGH was previously available only in injectable form. Today it is offered using HGH boosting sub-lingual sprays, as well as, HGH secretagogue pills. GH supplement users have reported higher than average levels of energy and increased strength, as well as, increased cardiac activity, lower BP and cholesterol levels.

Bodybuilding with HGH

HGH treatment has become very popular in the bodybuilder community due to its multiple benefits to both body, growth, and overall state of increased health. Statistics on use have it anywhere from 70-80% percent of the pro bodybuilding and bulking communities use HGH or supplements while weightlifting, weight training, and cross fitness regimens.

Because it does not show up on urine tests like anabolic steroids it is probably even more widely used, especially in the pro athlete circuits. Increased strength, mass, endurance, coupled with weight loss and better looking hair, skin, and nails can be pretty appealing to most people. It’s also why women take this supplement, as well.

The side effects are not extreme, contrary to the rumors and happen mostly out of poor knowledge and for many it seems a safer solution to steroids which oftentimes can cause emotional outbursts and have profound effects on the liver and other adrenals.

How HGH Increases Muscle Mass

There are two main theories on why HGH works:

Dual Effector Theory states that Growth Hormone directly impacts the body tissues when injected into the body. This was evidenced by researchers who had injected it into lab mice. The mice ended up larger than those who had more of insulin-like growth factor-1 and those of the control group.

Somatomedin Hypothesis is another theory that GH is only effective due to its assistance in releasing IGF-1 as it passes through the liver and other supporting periphery tissues. It is IGF-1 which then travels into the blood supply and works as an endocrine growth factor in target muscle tissues.

Moreover, some research has shown that when comparing GH versus IGF-1 supplements, that close to 50 times the amount of IGF-1 is necessary to achieve the same results as GH on the body.

Given that the two theories contradict each other to an extent, research has been conducted in both with some level of evidence supporting each. From the “field”, ie users of supplements, a combination of increasing/stimulating the two seems to have the greatest effect.

This makes sense for these reasons:

IGF-1 is required for GH to have an impact on bone and tissue formation, since it is IGF-1 which is what travels to your bones, muscles, and organs.

GH binds the IGFBP-3 and subunit proteins, thus maintaining IGF-1 levels and enabling the proteins to be broken down and carried to the appropriate tissues.

GH is necessary for IGF-1 to have an active effect on the autocrine and paracrine levels in cells (that reply on signalling from hormone levels).

Most of those who study this in the bodybuilding community have come to a consensus that IGF-1’s impact on muscle growth is due to its capacity for localization as the IGF-1 released by our livers is different than that which is produced by our muscle tissues.
So what does this mean for you?
It means that increasing GH in the body and increasing IGF-1 too will help to build muscle mass and stimulate cellular renewal.

That’s why HGH supplements that focus on both HGH and IGF-1 would be best in releasing HGH naturally and boosting muscle growth.

Natural Method or Injections?

This is another highly contentious area of discussion within the bodybuilding community, whether or not to use supplements which increase our body’s production of HGH or to use a synthetic injectable.

When the synthetics began to show up through a few select doctors who could prescribe them for their patients (and themselves) the supplement industry was quick to produce natural supplements.

However, these supplements don’t contain actual HGH, but purpose to increase the body’s natural production. Based on reception there have been some products on the market which have been able to increase HGH levels within the body exponentially.

Furthermore there have been studies that showed that by doses of 1200 mg each of L-lysine and L-Arginine will increase the levels of HGH in the body. Other products since that time have been tested with some promising results using other amino acid combinations and peptides that will also increase and enhance HGH production.

Now, will this work at the same level of a synthetic? Not so far. There are many reasons for this, but such is the way of shortcuts. You gain quick access to your desire and then pay for it in other ways, such as side effects which can be detrimental to your long-term health. Synthetic substances like injections always seem to work in the short term but don’t pan out over time.

Supplements are a safer alternative to injecting synthetic HGH into the body, and they are also easier to come by. You don’t need a doctor or to tap into the black market. Recommended supplements by bodybuilders are:

  • HyperGH 14X
  • Genf20 Plus
  • Growth Factor 9
  • Symbiotropin HGH
  • GH MAX

While these are some of the best reviewed it is by no means an extensive list of supplements.

However, based on ingredients list and user reviews, Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X lead the race.

HGH for weight loss – HGH Helps You Lose Weight but Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Human growth hormone burns fat as effectively as fire burns wood. Basically, it will increase the amounts of “free fatty acids”, which are utilized by the body to produce energy. This in turn lowers the amount and size of fat cells in the body.

These “fat cells” already have receptors for GH. When the cell receives the GH, it experiences a series of enzymatic reactions called Lipolysis. This process is what helps the body break down fat.

A person taking growth hormones will lose fat as the free fatty acids make the extra energy. This energy is utilized to help burn the calories faster, as well as quicken the body’s metabolism.

Dr. Rudman and associates recommend taking HGH (human growth hormone) to also aid in reversing the impact insulin has on one’s body. This is due to the fact that insulin actually acts as stimulation in Upogenesis, the process in which the body creates said fat cells.

Insulin levels and HGH levels in the body are inversely related. Learn more.

You can imagine insulin as being an automatic gate that opens whenever fat, glucose, and amino acids arrive to get into your cells.

However, growth hormone will prevent the fat cell receptors on insulin from working properly, thus preventing the body from retaining them as much. GH will continuously block the fat cells from accumulating. Without this intake, fat is free to spawn on every cell.

Why Is HGH Recommended for Weight Loss?

Unlike other supplements and treatment methods that try to actively fight fat cells by making temporary changes to your cells, HGH gets rid of them in cooperation with your body.

This is why specialized diet pills will only show an impact while you take them, but you will gain the weight back as soon as you stop the intake.

before after

Growth hormone, however, alters your cells so that your body will experience long-lasting effects.

HGH can be so effective, that you don’t have to stick to a highly restrictive diet while you lose your weight, something not offered with other diet pills.

Achieve More Power

Overweight men who take the growth hormone supplements and also indulge in resistance exercises are not only losing weight, but are also gaining anywhere from 4-10% muscle mass every 6 months of intake.

They are basically losing weight, preventing aging, and gaining lean muscles; all by taking one supplement.

According to the HGH-insulin pathway –

One 2008 medical investigation that examined the result of fasting during the Muslim observance of Ramadan discovered it had a positive impact on body mass and other health and fitness markers in trained athletes.

Fasting works so well for weight loss because it brings about the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH), which acts as a fat-burning hormone. It also plays a huge role in muscle mass building.

While following the supplement and training regimen, you feel as though your weight is static, don’t worry. It just means that you are losing fat while your muscle mass is increasing, so the overall weight will stay the same or will even increase.

The increase in muscle tissue will actually actively help you burn more calories – another bonus!

The muscular benefits of HGH is so prevalent, that the supplement has become incredibly popular among athletes, young men who wish to start training themselves, adults with GH deficiencies, and older males. It is a healthier hormone you can take to build up your muscle mass.

Among younger GH-deficient people, taking this growth hormone shows considerable positive impact. When these people stop taking GH, you can see a high drop in both muscle mass and strength.

Diet pills vs HGH

According to medical experts GH produces this muscle mass by maintaining the body’s nitrogen levels and enhancement of amino acids transport.

When people take diet pills to lose weight, they tend to lose a lot of their nitrogen. Though they lose the fat, they also lose a lot of the ability to produce muscle mass.

However, growth hormone will help you lose your weight while still keeping the nitrogen in your body intact.

GH will also stimulate protein synthesis in your body while still maintaining the proper amount of protein breakdown within your cells. Here are two scientific studies on this issue – study 1 and study 2.

Protein synthesis enhances muscle growth which again helps you burn more calories and thereby lose more fat. Also, a HGH product can be used in conjunction with other weight loss supplements like appetite suppressing pills.

If you are interested in using HGH for weight loss, you might be interested in this article on HGH supplements and the purpose of this site.

If you are looking for recommended products, I recommend these two HGH products – Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X

HGH for better and younger looking skin – Vitalize Your Skin with HGH

Skin aging can be explained by comparing it to the earth’s tectonic plates. These enormous slabs of rock move and create craters in the earth.

The skin can be compared to this process when you compare the skin proteins to the tectonic plates. As proteins shift under the skin, it will make a degrading impact and cause an aging effect.

Among the many layers of the skin, the central dermal area where elastin and collagen lie are most susceptible to damage.


This is unfortunate, as these two proteins are key factors in the vitality of your skin. Elastin aids in allowing flexibility in the skin, allowing it to stretch and pinch yet always returning to the normal position.

Collagen provides strength in the skin by acting as the glue between the cells and organs. This is the protein that allows your body to adjust to movement without falling apart. Without both of these proteins, your body basically wouldn’t be able to function.

The deterioration of elastin and collagen will not only age the skin, but will also produce many undesirable effect. You will develop wrinkles, sagging, blemishes, spot lines, and many more features you expect in older people.

You might already be informed that the sun’s UV rays is one of the number one causes of skin aging. Being exposed to so many UV rays will create an effect that makes your face look GH-deficient. Basically, one may end up with a face that looks saggy and old because the UV rays attacks the fatty tissues in it by one or two percent annually.

Not only will the UV rays eliminate the fat under your skin, but it will attack the water under it as well. The result is a face with skin that is incredibly thin, which makes it sag and droop down. Without water under the skin, the face will resemble a shriveled prune.

dehydrated face

Everyone is born with naturally high levels of elastin and collagen, and continues to produce them throughout life.

However, as people age, the tissue that help create these proteins begin to deteriorate. As a result, the body fails to produce the necessary amounts of elastin and collagen.


HGH therapy may allow your face to look much younger in a matter of weeks. You’ll probably lose the lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. In addition to these benefits, the contour of the skin will change as well, further making your face look vitalized.

As mentioned before, HGH helps you get rid of the excess fat cells. With HGH, the undesirable fat in your face is also removed, while you gain muscle mass.

This means that the fat under your skin will remain, but the bad fat that causes puffy eyes will disappear. The muscle gain will lift your face throughout this entire process, making your facial skin a whole lot stronger and rejuvenated.

Dr. John Cantwell of San Jose, California performed a study among two 52 year-old men. These two men had previously taken hormone replacement therapies, and Dr. Cantwell incorporated HGH into their regular treatment.

The results after 90 days of Dr. Cantwell’s study indicated that the men were relieved of many wrinkles, and the elasticity and firmness in their facial skin improved greatly.


In a way, HGH therapy can be compared to plastic surgery, but with just the benefits. Protein function increases when you take the growth hormone and the accompanying IGF-1.

Since collagen and elastin are both proteins that are essential in maintaining the vitality of the skin, taking HGH will make you look a lot younger. Your skin will become tighter and sleeker, something you might otherwise consider plastic surgery for.

HGH and exercise also go hand in hand, which also contributes to the vitality of your appearance. As your metabolism improves and your blood starts circulating better, your skin will also reap the benefits.


Every single person admires how soft and glowing a baby’s skin is. The plump, silky skin that reflects young age is due to the fact that a baby’s body is made up of 90 percent water.

However, as you age, this skin begins wearing out, stretches, and is impacted in a number of other different ways. You lose that youthful glow, and the skin loses hydration.

Aging is not the only factor associated with dry, non-hydrated skin. Children with GH deficiency also lack this moisture. They end up with very dry skin, and will appear older than they actually are.

Your body absolutely needs water. In fact, over 60% of your body weight consists of that water. All your cells, organs, and tissues require it; as it helps maintain a safe body temperature, gets rid of waste, and allows for your joints to function properly.

Therefore, the amount of water you have in your body is essential in terms of your overall health and aging factors. When you do have the necessary amounts, you’ll experience a much slower aging process and also avoid a lot of harmful ecological damages.

Aging people end up losing their water amounts because their skin actually loses its ability to retain the proper levels. This alludes to the fact that moisturizing isn’t just a fad. It’s actually quite important to your skin’s daily health.

In addition to moisturizing daily, take HGH for its skin hydration benefits to help your skin stay healthy even more! Read more on making use of HGH in a safe, side effect free manner.

HGH for better sleep – Use HGH to Repair Your Sleep Cycle and Relieve Your Fatigue-Related Stress

Your natural levels of growth hormone (GH) are stimulated and produced while you sleep. During the sleep stages, HGH (human growth hormone) rises and falls in a certain pattern. However, once you stop keeping a regular sleeping schedule that allows you to get the proper amount of rest, your body isn’t able to produce the regular amounts of growth hormone.

The end result is that you have much less HGH released into your body, which has a direct impact on how much fatigue you may feel in the morning. It has implications even in chronic fatigue.

When an adult has a high GH deficiency, he or she will inevitably lose the capability to maintain a solid sleep pattern. In most cases, these adults have a hard time falling asleep in general. On top of this, their “slow wave” and “REM” cycles are diminished, leaving the adults feeling less rested when they wake up.

Injecting GH or giving supplements to adults who have deficiencies in the production of HGH by their pituitary glands, (which is where the natural growth hormone is produced), will help these people revitalize their sleep patterns.

Aging can also be a factor in sleep irregularity. When the GH is replaced or treated in these older adults, they will regain their abilities to sleep enough and avoid fatigue or any distress associated with it.

HGH for more energy and endurance and to beat chronic fatigue

One of the most popular and vital benefits the people receive during HGH treatment is the incredible boost in energy, just within a few days of taking it. It can be quite a dramatic change and a pleasant surprise for people who have experienced very low energy levels and lots of exhaustion in the past.

A one Dr. Bengtsson had found that those with GH deficiency (growth hormone deficiency) usually complained about fatigue. When a person is fatigued for long periods at a time, it prevents him or her from contributing to the workforce as much as they should. Not only is the professional aspect affected, but one’s social activities would be highly impacted as well.

The researchers at London’s St. Thomas Hospital have established that GH injections and supplements increase the energy of the person involved. It also seems to help them mentally feel rejuvenated and stable; this is why GH is often used to treat depression.


It even increased lean muscle mass in men over 60 years of age.

Growth hormone is also utilized to maintain a person’s water levels. When people have GH deficiency, they tend to be frequently dehydrated. Being so will not only impact the physicality of the skin, but also leave people feeling fatigued.

When you take the GH treatment, the body tissue in your skin is able to effectively hydrate itself.

GH treatment will speed up your metabolism, which basically means that your cell functions will quicken and become a lot more efficient. This, in turn, vitalizes you and gives you more energy to work with.

The effects the human growth hormone (HGH) has on the body tissue also produces great benefits to your organs and muscles. This effect allows you to become more flexible and stronger.


Additionally, you achieve more tissue durability and endurance. All of these benefits will allow you to be a lot more active in your daily life, and a lot more resilient to fatigue.

HGH can also reproduce and repair damaged body tissue, which makes it vital when you wish to reverse the many undesirable aging effects. So far, the HGH research that have studied elderly people has also led researchers to believe that the growth hormone actually prevents any more bone density loss in these folks, as well as an increase in muscle tissue. This further asserts that HGH is a direct factor that prevents the impact of aging.

Miscellaneous impacts found in various HGH research and anecdotal evidence include overall increases in endurance and sexual prowess.

Due to the fact that the levels of endurance and energy are raised with HGH, this hormone treatment has been utilized among athletes for the past 30 or so years.

A high quality trusted HGH supplement with proven ingredients can provide great benefits in a healthy way. Even medical doctors take growth hormones, as they claim it helps with the chronic fatigue they endure due to long and strenuous shifts.

In another instance, Dr. Ullis found patients being treated for Epstein-Barr virus had quite a lot of fatigue due to the inefficiency of the thymus gland. When the patient was subjected to HGH treatment, Dr. Ullis found that his energy levels were highly improved.

The patient went on to even perform weight training and lifting. Without HGH, he may have continued to suffer from this chronic exhaustion.

Read more on the 7 mechanisms to stimulate HGH naturally.